Controversial documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ receives its world premiere in London

Photo credit: Phil Lewis

Documentary Everybody Fliesreceived its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London on Tuesday night, raising awareness of the controversial subject of air toxicity on commercial airplanes.

After 18 years of research, former pilot Tristan Loraine reveals what the airlines dont want you to know, that the air we breathe during commercial flights can contain toxic chemicals. The airline industry has been under pressure following a number of high profile cases and cabin crewshave also taken legal action after being affected by a condition known as aerotoxic syndrome, with longterm health implications.

The former Captain turned director and producer set up a crowdfunding campaign to get the film off the ground, and also received backing from one of Britains largest trade unions, Unite.

There are currently more than 50 legal cases with several airlines over the issue of air toxicity in flights, which has so far not been addressed in the industry, with passengers being exposed to contaminated air according to the documentarys findings and key whistleblower testimonials.  

Unite says that the fumes are produced by the oil that lubricates a planes engines once they are heated which can end up getting into the air supply with potentially serious effects on the nervous system, creating longterm negative, chronic ailments for people that receive regular exposure.

Contaminated air in most cases has no odour and therefore passengers and crew are unaware that they are being subjected to a mixture of toxic chemicals during a flight.

The films premiere was attended by the documentarys cast and crew including Tristan Loraine and co-director Beth Moran. Raindance founder Elliot Grove also participated in a Q and A with the films directors at the event.

Everybody Flieswas produced by UK production company Fact Not Fiction Films and will be theatrically released in 2020.