DOPENESS magazine’s Bagio White tells all in candid chat


So, by now everyone knows what kind of machine and manpower it takes to create a magazine. The concept is common to wrap one’s head around. But what if I told you that one person created and ran well known magazine company with his own hands, well that’s exactly what creative director Bagio White did.

The extremely talented Jamaican-born creative director Bagio White who is the man behind the creation of DOPENESS magazine, created it while attending state college at Morrisville.

He created the magazine with his best friend and to his surprise he found his niche. Bagio stated “I coded and design the whole site by scratch and I really enjoyed make my first copies of the printed magazine”. Though already familiar with the designing process having interning with Def Jam Recordings as a graphic designer, Bagio stated that he’s wasn’t the only one that was surprised.

“So when I told my family that I was going to create and magazine, I think they shirked it off, you know? not really taking me serious, until I came home from college with the physical magazines themselves [laughs] they were in complete awe” Bagio stated.

What came after is what Bagio didn’t expect, the popularity the magazine gained in the industry with his vibrant designs.

Among his most reputable clients, Bagio has designed and creative directed editorials and covers for acts such as King Bach, Bow Wow, Keshia Chante, Jacob Latimore, Rico Love, Tashiana Washington, Amanda Cerny, August Alsina, Jacob Whitesides, Angela Yee, Tinashe, April Rose and more. Bagio also stated what it’s like to work with companies like B.E.T, Viacom, MTV, Atlantic Records and much more.

“It’s crazy, I mean it’s like a dream, I know my designs are good, but I didn’t realize until they all reached out to me to collaborate and I was truly honored with everyone”
Bagio said on his website that his style of designs includes the use of vibrant colors, props, and mood, as well as subversion, of traditional graphic pattern techniques. His work is most notable for throughout Dopeness Magazine’s covers, editorials and online editorials.

Bagio himself has gained quite the popularity on social media, having over 100,000 followers bagio even says that people really take to his artform.

DOPENESS creative director Bagio White

“I post my work on my insta (Instagram), Facebook and Twitter even before I post it on my website [laughs]…it’s mostly creative work that I do for my magazine but people really seemed to enjoy it sometime I even ask my followers their opinion on my work…I’m very grateful for them”

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