EGBA calls for a standard iGaming regulator for EU


A recent study has revealed that the iGaming industry requires standardized regulations that will effectively assist in the management and regulation of this robust industry. The European Parliament has equally thrown weight behind the idea which is set to see the economy increase the annual savings for the consumers and businesses. The European Gambling and Betting Association through its secretary has insisted that introducing a single set of rules for online gambling and betting across the European Union market is one of the key developments set to kick off in the near future.

EGBA Promotes Standardized Regulator

The European Gambling and Betting Association has identified the importance of working under a single set of rules that work similarly across the other market players. Many advantages are associated with this type of standardization like for example the creation of a single rule book for online greatly lessens the administrative duplication of the European business. 

The national gambling policies have not been working in unison as expected instead they diverge and create unnecessary national barriers which eventually make the policies weak. It will have a good impact on the economy as European online casinos accepting UK customers and others all around the world. According to the EGBA, it is easy to manage and regulate a standardized license compared to the multiple licenses that are owned by almost each of the betting companies around the EU market.

The Strongest Gambling Regulators in the EU

Gambling in the EU is regulated and governed by a few of the major regulators who ensure a conducive working environment for both gambling and betting activities. The regulators have ensured that gambling in the EU is not criminalized and that the gamblers themselves are protected from harmful practices.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

This is the main regulator body in the entire United Kingdom. The Commission was established in the year 2005 as a result of the implementation of the Gambling Act that year which came to assume its full powers in two years. The regulators work around the clock to ensure that the UK is a safer gambling environment for its citizens. The Commission has several forms of betting that it is regulating in the country and at the same time they issue licenses for operators both in betting and gambling-related activities.

Spelinspektionen (Sweden)

This recent gambling regulator who operates in the Sweden gambling market has ensured that all gambling companies in the country have a fully functioning operating license and signed up to Spelpaus making it easy to regulate the activities in the Sweden gambling market. Their main function is to issue licenses to the right gambling companies and regulate their operations too just in case they do not comply with the set rules and regulations. 

The gambling authority which came into operation after the 2019 Gambling Act came into effect has demonstrated competent skills in performing their task making gambling a more interesting activity compared to most of the old games

Spillemyndigheden (Denmark)

Gambling in Denmark is entirely regulated by the Danish government through its Ministry of Taxation who offers full supervision just to ensure all is going well in the gambling sector. The Danish Regulatory Authority who is also identified as Spillemyndigheden by the native city was established in the year 2000 and has served its citizens well in different numerous ways. First, the Authority has provided the trading licenses for gambling operators and has ensured that they work within the set regulations in providing their services. 

They have also protected the players from exploitation by different companies having an ill motive to the gambling industry in the country. The regulators have worked well in the past and this has really shaped the gambling industry making it one of the major income contributors to the Danish government.


The presence of one regulator in the EU market will help in effectively controlling the gambling behaviour which shall be uniform by then. This will improve the state of gambling in the country and will greatly help identify any loopholes the criminals might use to penetrate the industry. The standardization shall as well reduce the cost of operating the gambling industry in the country.