Enchanting and lively London folk tales for children brought to life in new book


Enchanting and lively London folk tales for children are set to be brought to life in a new book.

The History Press has announced the forthcoming release of ‘London Folk Tales for Children’ by Anne Johnson and Sef Townsend in January 2019.

Do you like fabulous tales of magic and fantasy? Or do you prefer real-life adventure stories of scary journeys and narrow escapes? In this book you’ll find all of these and more. Here storytellers Anne and Sef have collected some wonderful tales of ordinary Londoners, but their stories are far from ordinary.

They tell of the mighty river, the streets, and the hills of London. But you’ll also find stories of babies that turn into flowers, of a grown-up who becomes a child again, and of a youngster who has to travel across the world all alone. And you’ll meet the people of this welcoming city: ever since the Romans, people have come here from all over the world to become Londoners.

They’ve brought delicious foods, funky music and hundreds of languages, but most of all great stories – London stories.