London hospital trust signs up to new Covid-19 vaccine booking app


Hospitals can now easily and efficiently keep track of who has received a Covid-19 vaccine within their workforce thanks to a new Covid-19 vaccine booking service.

The Vaccination Management Service, created by UK company TAAP, has already been successfully rolled-out at a hospital trust in London, as the most vulnerable and healthcare workers start to receive the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine (BNT162b2), which was given the green light by regulator Human Medicines Regulations on 2 December 2020.

The vaccine rollout has particular timing and logistical issues, and TAAP’s Vaccination Management Service is designed to help overcome some of these complexities by helping support the hospitals and other organisations to assign vaccinations on dose/vaccine availability.

It comes at a time amid press reports of “struggling” IT systems around the rollout of the vaccine, with health officials and doctors warning of delays and, in one case, a booking link being sent incorrectly.

The Vaccination Management Service keeps track of bookings, while adding people onto a waiting list once all stock has been used. The Vaccination Management Service also ensures first and second appointments are booked at the same time, with first and second appointments potentially at different locations, and each with their own contact plan, confirmation, 24-hour reminder and on-the-day reminder for both email and SMS.

The person booking the appointment gets an email with a link to view/review their appointment. If necessary, they can cancel their appointment, and letting the vaccine be taken by another person. A bulk mailer service allows people to be invited via email and SMS to help prioritise those that are high risk.