60 seconds with multi-millionaire entrepreneur Aaron David Scott


60 seconds with a multi-millionaire entrepreneur

Taking risks and believing in yourself: How Aaron David Scott is a self-made millionaire at 25

You’ve certainly achieved a lot. But what was your goal from the start?

To prove everyone wrong. But, most importantly to prove myself right. The older we get, the more realistic we become. People settle but entrepreneurs want more. I want to prove that challenging yourself is the only way you’re going to succeed.

Have you ever doubted yourself?

There are two people in the world. Those that think they can do it – and those that know they can do it. From a very young age, I’ve had a go get it mentality. There’re risks in everything and if you’ve never done it before, you’ll always have an element of doubt in your head. The important thing is not to fight it. If you see obstacles as a challenge, then you’ll overcome it. Once you do overcome it, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to overlook doubt.

Are there any mistakes you wish you could have avoided?

The word ‘mistake’ is interesting. I personally feel that some of your biggest mistakes teach you the best lessons – so therefore are they really mistakes?

What are you afraid of?

Not being the best at what I do.

Does money make you happy?

Absolutely not. Happiness is a state of mind. If you’re unhappy and come into money, you’ll soon be unhappy again. If you’re a happy person and receive money, you’ll continue to be happy.

What advice would you have for people who are just starting out?

Be fearless. Make it happen. Do you want excuses or results? You can’t have both.

How do you stay inspired? 

I know what I want and therefore I won’t stop until I’ve got it. In the same way that lions chase their prey, you are a product of your environment. Hang around with happy people and you’ll likely be happy. Hang around with inspiring people and you’ll be inspired.

You can find out more about Aaron here: http://aaronscottentrepreneur.com




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