For years the enigmatic Salem family and their numerous business activities have been  shrouded in mystery. Due to the secretive nature of their businesses and out-of-the  spotlight approach to media, little about this family is known. 

The Salem family initially made its fortune through money-changing businesses in  Lebanon dating back to the 1930s, before branching out to provide financing services  for several industries and companies; mainly textiles and tobacco in Africa. 

Despite the family’s empire and access to wealth, there has always been speculation as  to what goes on behind closed doors. With internal legal feuds between siblings and  estrangement or very little communication amongst family members, for decades  sometimes, a lot is left to the imagination. 

That is until recently, since leaks of never-before-seen documents revealing the  business activities of Robert David Salem, the son of Raymond Salem and Mireille  Darwiche-Salem, caught the attention of finance and tax regulation bodies.  

Robert David Salem is a businessman based in London. He is the owner of Duration  Asset Management and Global Trade Capital Limited, to name but a few of his business  entities. Given his reticence to discuss his background or share information about his  wealth, it is only natural to wonder how it was obtained, how he invests it, and if he  pays all his taxes. 

An ongoing investigation on Robert seeks to expose his unethical business dealings,  from dubious entities to questionable associates. The soon-to-be publicly disclosed  documents show Robert’s connections to the murky world of offshore finance, revealing  the loopholes he uses to skirt tax laws.  

Is his modest lifestyle, including a home in a middle-class neighbourhood, to flying low cost airlines, an indicator of his efforts to diminish the spotlight on his actual net worth?