BTS Mega Fan Oli London arrives in Korea to undergo more surgery

Oli London, who spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to transform himself into his favourite K-Pop star Jimin of BTS has arrived in South Korea to undergo more drastic changes to emulate his idol.
Oli, who has arrived in Korea with his best friend, American reality TV star Frenchy Morgan, will be undergoing multiple extreme procedures with Medictel Korea- the leader in Korean medical tourism.
He posted to his social media photos of him next to BTS posters in Gangnam, Seoul in a bizarre Pokémon outfit and also posted photos wearing another unusual look- a Jimin mask and white jumpsuit.
After only arriving in Korea days ago, Frenchy Morgan has already undergone dental surgery with Medictel Korea and Oli will be undergoing the knife very soon in what he describes as a complete and drastic makeover, that will make him totally unrecognisable.