How TIS is changing the hotel industry with smart energy efficient technology


The rise of smart technology has made its way to the hotel industry as energy management becomes important for reducing carbon emissions and improving guest experiences.

TIS Control is one of the industry leaders developing innovative technology that helps hotels reduce their power consumption while providing their guests with ways to customise their most preferable room settings.

As part of its drive into the smart technology space, TIS has developed a smart ceiling sensor that can detect human presence in a room, and adjust room temperature according to the configuration of the environment. This includes measuring when doors open and close, adjusting heating and entering energy-saving modes at key points during the day.

The sensor can also be connected to a door sensor and comes with a number of features including a light harvester, digital inputs, temperature sensors, timers and even infrared codes for popular TV brands.

Hotels around the world have already started to use smart technology like the Energy Servant from TIS in a drive to differentiate their offering and provide smart solutions for their guests.

By automatically adjusting room settings for guests, configuring their environments to provide enhanced comfort through AC control, or changing light levels at different points in the day – new smart sensors are becoming increasingly popular as hotels look to invest in upgrades and improvements.

TIS’ Energy Servant sensor has already seen success around the world including in Australia where it was installed in 20 rooms at the Fairmount Blue Mountain Hotel in Sydney – leading to a significant reduction in energy usage for the hotel and providing guests with a higher level of comfort.

And with hotels in the UK looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs in the wake of the pandemic, smart technology will play an increasingly important role in helping hotel owners manage their energy usage and provide a more comfortable stay for their guests at the same time.