Raya Films London Debut Film Receives Nomination For ‘Best Feature’


Do Something, Jake’ the first feature by screenwriter Caroline Spence and director James Smith continues to make waves. This British indie film is nominated for ‘Best Feature’ at the Midlands Movie Awards 2019. The film has been gaining national and international attention.

Jake (Jamie Alderson) is an introvert, illiterate, and unable to hold down a basic job for more than a few days. Unbeknown to those around him, however, he is intelligent and ingenious – strengths he uses to secretly observe his neighbour, Alice (Mia Mills), the woman he loves. But Alice lives with her boyfriend, Guy (Thomas Loone), a small-time criminal and drug pusher. Events escalate when Jake crosses the line from Alice’s voyeur to direct manipulation of Guy’s illicit dealings. Things come to a head when Alice is assaulted and abducted. After an unconvincing appeal to the Police, Jake decides to rescue Alice in his own ingenious, yet ultimately dangerous, way.

Raya Films is an award-winning writer/director and screenwriter/producer partnership headed by James Smith and Caroline Spence. Since 2004, Raya Films’ award-winning documentary films have enjoyed sell-out theatrical screenings and worldwide broadcast distribution. Moving into feature film, their screenplays have received high praise from established companies in London and Hollywood. Since completing their début feature Do Something, Jake, the team is currently developing a number of follow-up features, including the ‘smart’ horror Surveilled. See the list of nominees at http://www.midlandsmovies.com


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