10 Tips to Have an Awesome Girls’ Night Out in Vegas


Planning a trip with your friends in Vegas? Your guide below will help you make the best girls only getaway from shows to food to spas. Oh, and let’s not forget the late-night excitement!

Magic Mike LIVE Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel / SAHARA Las Vegas

A captivating striptease spectacular, the Magic Mike LIVE performance showcases 13 of the hottest and most talented guys ready to make you hot all over. Based on the movie franchise, its Club Domina all over again, replicated from the movies. It even features Channing Tatum, a stunning hottie and talented actor who was the feature in the original movies!

Every detail has been carefully thought of to make your experience as phenomenal as possible, complete with performances in front, behind and above the audience ensuring all ladies get at least a couple closeups on your night out.

Cirque Du Soleil at Various Locations

World-renowned production company Cirque du Soleil creates amazing and extravagant shows with circus-based themes. These performances are breathtaking and of such high-quality that they leave audiences mesmerized! One of their most popular shows is Michal Jaskson’s “ONE”, performed at the Mandalay Bay hotel. The show pays homage to the most famous pop star of all time. This show combines the arts in creating a most memorable experience bar none!

X Burlesque at Flamingo Hotel and Casino

One of the best shows in Vegas. X Burlesque gives you modern sex appeal combined with retro Vegas culture. The night begins with pink feather boas and skimpy clothing.

The routines will leave you energized in many ways. You will be left with everything from hot flushes, to fast paced routines to contemporary numbers making all types of performances fun for everyone regardless of their tastes.

And the best part is that you and the ladies will even be able to join in on the fun and hop on the stage at the end of the night! Check out some of the best shows in Vegas happening right now!! Here’s an awesome list!

Outside of its significant gambling scene, Vegas brings you some of the best hotels in the world that lines its streets, especially on The Strip.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino 

Contemporary elegance meets the traditional Las Vegas experience. The Bellagio is the one place to go to if you’re looking for the very best of both worlds!

According to Lucian Marinescu at Online Casino Gems, Bellagio is the place to be in Vegas: “Luxurious amenities await, including a shopping mall and casino facilities on-site so you don’t even need to leave Bellagio to live your best Las Vegas experience. If you do decide to leave though, the hotel is located just far enough from the large crowds to make you outdoor experience and hotel experience peaceful after your long day of exploring.”

Lago at Bellagio has the best seats in the house for the fountain show. An Amazing dining experience of small tapas-style plates, perfect to share so you can try a bit of everything together.

Main attractions at Bellagio include, Botanical Gardens, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and Cirque Du Soleil’s aquatic show “O”. 

The Venetian

When Vegas says, “lets open a hotel to replicate another country”, they really do it well!

Paying homage to Italy, the hotel has many canals meandering around with architecture that magically takes you away to a place far from any American city.

Located just north of the infamous Strip, it’s very close to neighboring casinos and nightlife if you want to venture out for some fun. 

Don’t forget to go to TAO. Spend the extra money and go VIP for your girls weekend and you will not be disappointed.

Main attractions at The Venetian include CHICA Restaurant, Grand Canal Shoppes, the world-famous Canyon Ranch Spa.

Paris Las Vegas

Another of the very best hotels in Vegas will carry you away to Paris, France. This French themed resort in the shape of the Eiffel Tower that stands out in the night sky of The Strip.

It is difficult not to fall in love with this unique, European style location. Of course, the theme is carried inside with European architecture and amazing themed rooms perfect to entertain your girl’s night out.

 Main attractions include the Rooftop Dance Floor, Boutique Shopping Experiences and the Observation deck. 

Make it an Amazing Night at Hakkasan Nightclub 

No need to hop in a cab half-way through the evening as everything you need is all in this one spot for the entire night! Hakkasan, located at the MGM Grand is your destination to start for dinner then move on to drinks and after, you can glide over to the dance floor. Your evening is spent in a multi-level dance club with everything you need to give you and the crew an authentic full-blown Las Vegas frenzy! 

Day Parties are a Must Attend

 You and your ladies will need a daytime spot to relax and enjoy drinks around the pool. Located on the Strip, Encore Beach Club is the prime spot to see and be seen!

The Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay is a bit smaller, but it’s got great cabanas and epic stages available for reservations Do a little gambling and enjoy a cocktail at one of the best hotels in town. See the full list here

Want to Bring Las Vegas Home?

 If you’re planning a larger party for your girl’s night out party, why not include casino games that the ladies can really get excited about.

 You can enjoy everything from roulette and craps to casino war and baccarat. You can also enjoy blackjack tables and given the size of your party, the more the merrier.

 Tips for your Girl’s Casino Night Private Party:

 The games you want to include at the party will decide what supplies you’re going to need.

  •     You can always make your own tables (baccarat is an easy one)
  •     But if you are hosting a good party and maybe even making it an annual event, you’d be best to just spring for the tables. You can say it’s your “luxury” night out, with all the ladies looking like high rollers.
  •     You can easily find home versions of the games you want locally.
  •     Hire a dealer or two to make the night fully authentic. It may cost a bit extra, but it will be worth it.
  •     Lay out a mini red carpet at the entrance leading up to your front door. Sometimes the littlest of things makes all the difference! Organize or Join A Girl’s Night Casino Party: Check this article on how to organize an awesome casino party in your house.