16ft Orangutan mural arrives in Greenwich warning of species’ fight for survival

FREE TO USE IMAGES Pictured: Orangutan Murals by Turnpike Lane and Brick Lane, Shoreditch in London Warn of Species' Fight for Survival created by Environmentalist and artist, Louis Masai, in partnership with Meridian Foods and International Animal Rescue. This follows research by Meridian Foods, revealing that 38% of the UK still aren't actively avoiding palm oil. Contact: Megan Merino 07904808437 PR Handout - Free to use

Louis Masai’s month-long tour of the UK for his #ProtectPongo street art series, in partnership with Meridian (the palm oil free nut butter brand), culminated with a 16ft orangutan mural in Greenwich, London. Warning the public of orangutans’ risk of imminent extinction, Louis’ signature patchwork orangutan is a final plea to the public to stop buying products with palm oil.

The patchwork is made up of designs which tell the story of these beautiful, ginger giants. Meridian’s fans contributed ideas for the patchwork designs, including bananas, palm trees to signify their home and a chainsaw to represent deforestation.

Louis and Meridian’s #ProtectPongo tour travelled through Glasgow (23rd-24th Sept) where two murals were painted, Manchester (25th-26th Sept) where another two were created, and Birmingham (27th-28th Sept) where he painted one large mural of an orangutan holding a chainsaw. Louis Masai painted a further four life-size murals throughout London, before finishing the series this week in Greenwich.