21 Black Actors In 2021 You Should All Know and Pay Attention To!

  1. By Katherine Sanders

Who said the UK hasn’t got any talent?

Over the years we have seen an uprising in UK talent in film, TV, and stage. Samuel Jackson once criticized UK black actors for dominating USA markets however, black British actors are proving that they can compete with the world’s biggest stars with tenacity and strength.

This list looks at black British actors who we have carefully looked at and feel are going to do some incredible things in 2021 and beyond. Some may look at this list and critique some of the choices and they are entitled to do so.

There are so many proficient black British actors out there. However, talent on its own does not simply make someone a star, you need to have that little greater shine ‘X Factor’. We feel everyone on this list has that and more. Please keep a watch out as these gifted individuals take the acting industry by storm in film, TV and stage.

Ricardo P Lloyd (Picture:Daniel Samray)

1. Idris Elba
2. Aml Ameen
3. Lettia Wright
4. MalachI Kirby
5. Damson Idris
6. Iain Gordon
7. Ricardo P Lloyd
8. Daniel Kaluuya
9. Naomie Harris

10. Michaela Coel

11. Lashana Lynch

12. Stevie Basaula

13. John Boyega

14. Micheal Ward

15. Ashley Walters

16. Tosin Cole
17. C.J. Beckford
18. Andrew Senessie

19. Edward Kagutuzi

20. Weruche Opia

21. Paapa Essiedu