3 Cryptocurrency Hotspots Around the World


Are you in Japan wanting to eat Sushi? Are you in San Francisco wanting to purchase a lavish city meal? Perhaps you’re wanting to fine dine in ever so beautiful Italy. Whatever the occasion, did you know that you are now able to purchase many of these things with Bitcoin alone?

Bitcoin is known worldwide for how outstanding it is and how well it can perform over time. It is also one of the most known, used, and popular out of all of the thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market right now which is yet another reason that people are drawn to it. It certainly isn’t without its fair share of controversy and downfalls, however, it is still a fairly good investment opportunity and what it lacks during a downfall, it certainly makes up for when it reaches a high.

There are also many new apps, websites, and programs such as Immediate Edge becoming available that are making an amazing difference to the Bitcoin world. However, while the whole world loves Bitcoin, some places love it far more than others do. In this article, we will point out and identify three cryptocurrency hot spots around the world.


Vancouver can most certainly be considered one of the most popular hotspots for Bitcoin in the world. In fact, Canada as an entirety of one of the most popular places when it comes to Bitcoin usage and they have even gone through regulatory steps to be able to readily adapt this amazing form of cryptocurrency. Vancouver also plays home to QuadrigaCX which is the defunct cryptocurrency exchange that lost C$180 million in client funds after its (alleged) founder had passed away.

There are far more than two dozen merchants just in Vancouver who readily accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There are also around 40 ATMs throughout Vancouver where users can buy Bitcoin. Another cool thing to acknowledge is that in downtown Vancouver, the world’s first bitcoin ATM began operations at Waves Coffee House on October 29, 2003.


Another awesome hotspot is in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Amsterdam. It plays home to the mining hardware maker Bitfury and also acts as the European headquarters of the revolutionary payment service provider BitPay. In the capital city alone, there are over 30 merchants that readily accept Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment.

There are also plenty of merchants in Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague that also accept cryptocurrency.


London plays home to 8.9 million residents as well as more than 130 bitcoin ATMs and about 50 merchants who will accept bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. People in London seem to have a complete and undying love for Bitcoin which shows in how it performs there. Coinfloor, which claims to be the oldest bitcoin exchange in the U.K was actually a start-up that originated in London.

It is here that there are also dozens of bitcoin and cryptocurrency Meetup groups as well.