3 Online Slots That You Have To Try


Can you believe the extent of the online slot’s market extreme growth in the 21st Century? Seriously, the rate of expansion is well and truly staggering, with ten times more gamblers now spinning the reels online than in actual real life casinos. If you were to transport Charles D. Fey, inventor of the first commercially viable slot machine, into the present day and show him the endless variety of online slots at star slots one can play we think he would probably faint. Scratch that, he definitely would! 

Online slots have well and truly changed the game when it comes to gambling, enticing so many more people to embrace an already thriving industry. One of the main reasons why so many gamblers have been flocking to the online slot market in recent years is the incredible work done on the part of developers. As the market gets evermore competitive these companies seek to make their games look as appealing as humanely possible, and the result is some absolutely fantastic slot games! Read ahead for a rundown of 3 online slots that you have to try. 


Do you find the Ancient Romans fascinating? Enjoy films like the box office smash hit motion picture Gladiator starring Russell Crowe? Does the Coliseum in Rome blow your mind? If the answer is yes to all of these questions we would seriously recommend giving the reels of Centurion by Inspired Gaming a spin. Seriously, this is by far the best Ancient Roman themed slot game we have ever seen, with impeccably clear graphics really marking it out from a lot of other slots on the market these days.

But the best thing about Centurion is the array of fantastic bonus rounds, in which the player can win a serious amount of money too! There are four completely distinct bonus rounds during Centurion, and they all play out like genuine bona fide mini games that you can find in games such as Mario Party on the Nintendo. 

The Codfather 

NetEnt will forever and always win the title for best named online slot with The Codfather, a fantastically funny online slot that also gives more than enough chance of winning. The Codfather is based around an aquatic fish mafioso of the same name, and you’re job as the gambler is to help him find a set of new henchman. Believe us, it really is as funny as it sounds! 

The theme is the main reason why The Codfather is an online slot you just have to try out, but you can also stand to win 5000x your wager if you’re lucky. Nice! 

Well Of Wonders 

Thunderkick are developers that are known for breaking the mould, something they do in outrageously good fashion with Well Of Wonders. This slot is notable for the fact that it completely does away with the traditional reel configuration that most slots use, with the symbols instead floating out of a well in the centre of the screen.