4 Healthy Summer Drinks That Are Low In Calories


With summer around the corner, the temptation to indulge in beverages of all kinds grows. Fighting the heat, however, shouldn’t translate into pouring sugary drinks into your system. Besides being loaded with calories, they don’t do a good job of helping you chill in the summer heat. More so, they just make you thirsty so that you will drink more.

Instead of sticking to the same beverages loaded with sugar, a much better idea is to go for healthy drinks that will keep you cool and refreshed. The following suggestions are also low in calories, so ideal for people who follow a diet or simply want to stay in shape.

  1. Coconut water

What could be more refreshing than coconut water on a summer day? The liquid content inside a coconut is ideal for staving off thirst when the temperatures run hot, but you don’t have to start smashing coconuts to get it. There are plenty of stores carrying this type of drink, and the most popular brands are much-loved by consumers for their delicious products.

A full cup of coconut water contains only 45 calories, and it’s also an excellent remedy for hangovers, as it helps you hydrate fast. You can also add it to smoothies if you’re a fan. Although further studies are required, this beverage is believed to provide several health benefits, such as being capable of supporting the good functioning of your heart and preventing kidney stones, further treatment for this is available from a private urologist in London.

  1. Iced tea (made at home)

Although there are plenty of companies selling iced tea, buying this beverage from a store is not that great an idea. While it does have fewer calories than other drinks, it is still usually loaded with sugar and preservatives.

You can always make your iced tea at home. Here is a quick recipe you can follow. Steep peppermint tea leaves in water for half an hour, and add honey to provide natural sweetness and improve the taste. Chill and add lemon slices. It is great when drunk cold, and the great news is that you don’t have to buy iced tea from the store anymore.

  1. Homemade fruit juice

Although higher in calories than the alternatives presented so far, homemade fruit juice is still a better choice than commercial drinks that are advertised as being made with natural fruit. As long as you combine your fruit juice – obtained with the help of a juicer – with some greens, you can get a healthy smoothie that’s ideal for starting the day on the right foot.

Consume fruit juice, even homemade, only in the morning, so that the input of sugar is slowly consumed throughout the day. For summer days, natural juice can provide you with the energy necessary to face the hot temperatures outside.

  1. Fruit and herb-infused water

You don’t even have to work that hard to ensure you have a healthy beverage to drink on hot summer days. The most straightforward recipe, and the healthiest, is based on water. Many people find it challenging to drink enough water every day because of the lack of taste.

You can change that by infusing your water with pleasant flavors. There are bottles designed with an infuser that can help you create tasty water in no time. As far as flavors go, you can experiment with everything you know you like. For instance, you can use apples, oranges, and berries to flavor your water.

Herbs like basil and mint are also popular, and they can help you create delicious recipes. Don’t add sugar, as that would make it a high-calorie drink. As long as you leave it as it is, it will be the lowest calorie drink you can get on a summer day.