4 Interesting Careers for Law School Graduates in the UK


There is a common belief that law degree holders are meant to be all wigs, courtroom, grim, and a perpetual unnerving look. Interestingly, this is a popular misconception as law graduates can (and some are) having a lot of fun in their respective fields.

Yes, you read rightly again. Studying law in the UK does not restrict you to only barrister and solicitor. In fact, only one-fifth of law graduates immediately go into practice. If you find law too challenging for yourself, think about getting some law essay help in the UK and don’t worry as the knowledge you earn at school can be applied in various spheres of life. There are various career paths that do not require hours of practicing law, and they typically are quite interesting. Also, the processing and analytical skills of law students are highly demanded skill sets in the labor market. Below are five exciting jobs to work at as a graduate of law school in the UK.

The Civil Service

Using the civil service gateway is one of the most apparent alternative career paths for law graduates. A career in the UK civil service has great potential for growth. It offers the opportunity to work behind the scenes in several significant parastatals like the Identity and Passport Service and the Office or Gas and Electricity Markets.

In the UK, in fact, there’s a scheme called the Civil Service fast-track. It is designed to ensure you’re making progress as a civil servant. You can be rest assured stagnation won’t be an attribute of your career. The major requirement is that you’re well aware of your duties and discharge them diligently. It’s a service to your nation, after all.

Conclusively, the civil service presents a far more fun opportunity than sitting in courts all day, no? Also, you are guaranteed growth as long as you keep to standards.


Writing proficiency is a typical part of the skills attached to law education in the country. This can be an advantage if you are rather a theorist, not a practitioner. The typical place to start this career is the internet, as there are plenty of sites looking to hire outstanding writers. No professional certification is required.

A good lawyer must be very conscious about the intricacies of a contract or any agreement their client makes. Such knowledge of details will come in handy if you would like to become a script consultant with one of the upcoming movies or TV shows. Even though films about the legal industry are not that common, consultation of the professional or someone well familiar with written words would certainly come in handy on set.

To conclude, offering writing services is a pretty interesting line of work for law graduates. There are always deadlines to beat, and your scope of knowledge is regularly improved as you research for assignments.


Perhaps being a part of the behind-the-scenes governmental operations does not interest you much. If so, you can put yourself right at the forefront by going for a career in politics. This venture may be as an elected public official or a supportive cast to any politician you deem fit. It is pretty obvious why graduates of law colleges are particularly suited to this role.

A lot of law graduates are often disappointed to find out that being a barrister is not majorly about delivering earth-quaking speeches on why the other party is wrong. A politician, on the other hand, has to do so very often. Tricky interviews, tensioning debates, and heart-rousing speeches are a big part of a politician’s job description.

A career in politics can be very fulfilling for a law graduate. This field truly tests their unique skill sets and fulfills their longing for the spotlight. And the state gets a politician who knows the law.


Whether working in a particular recruitment agency or being more specialized like headhunting, making a career path in recruiting is a more popular choice among law graduates than you believe. This is arguably the career that tests your analytical ability the most. After all, your job is to hire the right persons for the roles, and it’s not about the degrees they hold.

Law graduates will have a very interesting time screening hundreds of applicants for a job. This career path will require you to tell if a person is fit for a position, even without looking at their certificate. Personality assessment, critical analysis, and quick decision-making are three rudiments of a career in recruiting.

No doubt, working as a recruiter holds great appeal to the law student. The opportunity to meet different people every day has not even been mentioned yet. Most would find recruiting more interesting than going to the courts every day.

Wrap Up

Attending a law class for years does not make it mandatory to have a career in the field. It is common for graduates to lose interest in the degree they have acquired. So, when you start feeling disinterested in law cases and brown wigs, there’s no cause for alarm. The phase rarely lasts forever.

Fortunately, you can always take up practice in law at any time, and you can do so during the lesson too. Like all the ones who became professional barristers and attorneys immediately after school. On the other hand, you may decide to skip law practice altogether. No need to bother considering that there are plenty more interesting fields you can try out.