5 Causes of Steering Wheel Shaking


If you a car owner, of course requires that you need to carry out routine maintenance, starting inside and outside the car. It needs to be considered with good condition to support maximum car performance. Cars that are under-treated will certainly cause problems which interfere with driving comfort; sometimes even this can endanger you while on the road. The problem that may often be felt when a car is vibration or shaking, also the steering wheel shakes when you drive at low and high speeds.

5 Common Causes

Below are some common causes the vehicle shakes at high and low speeds

Problems With The Engine

The damaged engine of the vehicle may come from not enough air supply or a burning process that does not run smoothly and is not perfect. It can be seen from the engine falters or jerks, the vibration and the car after on for a while gets unsteady, It’s time to replace the spark plug set with new components. You have to make sure if the components are in good condition and replace if they have been damaged.

Problems On Wheel Shafts

If the wheel shaft is damaged, such as not straight and so on, it will cause friction with other car components. This problem can further worsen the damage condition if the car is driven at high speed. This needs to be considered regularly so that the condition of the car axle is always in good condition.

Problems With Brakes

This problem will be felt when you brake the vehicle. Usually this is due to the condition of the curved brake rotor. The rotor is a circular metal disc which is located on the disc brake system. The rotor can change shape if used for a long time.

Wheel Problems

If it’s unsteady when you hold, then this may be caused by problems with balance or alignment. It happens when one wheel or several wheels withstand too much heavy load. So that it causes the car to feel unsteady when driven especially in high speed. To overcome this, of course, the replacement of wheel bearings with new components is needed.Wheel bearings are easily damaged especially if you often use a car in a bad lane that makes it wear out quickly.

Problems With Tires

Car tires can be the cause of other gloomy cars that often occur because tires become components that are directly in contact with the road. Problems that occur are usually due to unbalanced tire conditions which require service to rebalance the tire’s position.