5 Most Popular CBD Gummies on the UK Market in 2022

Hemp gummies are the most commonly seen cannabidiol products. CBD expert David Baker shares information on five of the best known CBD companies in the United Kingdom.


By David Baker      December, 2021

Have you discovered the benefits of hemp derived CBD products by now? Stemming from the hemp plant, CBD oil is used for everything from creams and oils to pet treats and vape pens. Of course, CBD Gummies are easily the most common cannabidiol item on the market, and not without good reason. The edibles are available in a wide range of fun colours, shapes and sizes. Like it or not, not all every CBD gummy bear out there is the same when it comes to taste and quality. At least you can rely on any of the most widely seen CBD online businesses. Let’s take a good look at 5 of 2022’s most suggested CBD Gummies for sale in the UK by CBD expert David Baker.

For those interested in a more straightforward CBD option, exploring CDB pure products, like oils or tinctures, can provide a simple and effective way to incorporate cannabidiol into your wellness routine.

1          Just CBD Gummies

Leading the industry since 2017, JustCBD has a top notch reputation for their delectable treats on both sides of the Atlantic. Not only is their CBD oil UK well-respected among critics and buyers, they even have award winning edibles. JustCBD took home first place in 2021’s High Times Hemp Cup for their Exotic Fruit Vegan Gummies. Meanwhile, a consumer can pick and choose from a huge inventory, including like 250mg of sugar free CBD gummies, 500mg containers of watermelon rings, 750mg of sour worms, 1000mg of multicolored bears and even the monstrous 3000mg Party Pack. Other flavours include apple, cherry, peach and blueberry raspberry. When shopping on the internet, every member of the CBD store is truly professional. Everyone from the efficient sales reps and billing department to the shipping team and customer service is both friendly and knowledgeable. When it is a gift for yourself or the perfect present for a mate, the right CBD products keep new and returning customers satisfied. When you think of CBD UK, JustCBD has you covered.

  • Just CBD Gummies 1000mg jar
  • Approximately 100 gummies
  • £33.60 to £40.56
  1. Excite CBD Gummies

On a mission to provide the most strength and flavour, Excite CBD in Glasgow, Scotland may be considered the new kids on the block in the UK CBD industry. When it comes to Excite CBD edibles, consumers like their large array of various shapes and tastes, such as Natural Mixed Tropical goodies produced with CBD Extract with small amounts of THC. Designed for dosing on the go, they are not just CBD gummies for pain relief the gummies but they possess 25mg of CBD each. Everything is full spectrum too, allowing users to take advantage of the entire hemp plant. Consumer feedback online favors the edibles potency but mentions Excite CBD Gummies’ artificial flavourings.

  • Excite CBD 750mg tub
  • 30 gummies per jar
  • £54.95

3     CBDistillery CBD Gummies

Since 2019, CBDistillery has been striving to help people “rest” and “relax” with their first-rate CBD products UK at low costs. Rather than aiming for a customer base of first-timers, CBDistillery focuses on the more experienced cannabis users. Their sweet CBD edibles are rather strong, containing 25mg each. The same can be said about CBDistillery vegan gummies. Fruity flavours include strawberry, raspberry and lemon. The CBD website also carries plenty of CBD hemp oil, softgel capsules and warming cream. Purity is always taken into account, as every item is created with 99 percent pure CBD. As a bonus, the C02 extraction process is explained on their business website.

  • CBDistillery CBD Gummies 750mg jar
  • 30 gummies
  • £50

4       Healist Natural Calm Chews

Since 2019, Healist Naturals merchandise has been putting worried minds at ease. Targeting on-the-go professionals, the Healist Naturals edibles should help a user stay focused without any signs of drowsiness. They make no claims to “fix” or “cure” consumers. Made with a 10mg of CBD per treat, there is no THC to be found. This makes the hemp goodies ideal for users who want to avoid any euphoric effects, as well as those that have to worry about drug tests for work. Buyers online like the berry flavouring. Users are advised not to take more than 70mg of Healist Naturals CBD Gummies and can always try some of their CBD oil for sale.

  • CBDistillery CBD Chews 460mg jar
  • 46 chews
  • £65

5       Orange County     

Since opening their doors in Northern California in 2019, Orange County CBD has grown into a recognized brand throughout the world. Created from American hemp, Orange County Gummies are available in a colourful range of fruity flavours. A buyer can start off slowly with a £10 bag of CBD Gummy worms or cherries before trying a 30 container of CBD Gummy bottles, if not a large tub of gummy cubes. Orange County UK even offers a starter kit of multiple grab-sized bags. Whether you buy CBD gummy bears, worms, cherries, strawberries or bottles, your cannabis product is sure to be vegan friendly. Other CBD items on their menu include vape oil, skincare, extract and capsules.

  • Orange County CBD Gummy Strawberries 1600mg jar
  • 40 gummies
  • £40

How was this list created?

In order to put this list of the best CBD companies and their gummies in the UK, a few important aspects were considered. To begin, all the ingredients are looked at to confirm everything stems from Mother Nature. A buyer should never consider buying edibles that use foreign substances. At the same time, both professional feedback and consumer reviews have been taken into account. How is it working with the sales team? Were the goods shipped on time, and did everything run smoothly with the billing department? In other words, if a CBD business is questionable, a consumer will not find their name on this list.

How do I choose CBD Gummies? 

As a buyer, it never hurts to do a little shopping around for the best CBD online. If you are a first time buyer, you may not know precisely what to look for. How much do CBD products cost, where to buy CBD edibles and what is the best CBD store on the internet? It is never good to overpay for any cannabidiol merchandise, and you certainly want all of your goods to be completely safe. That’s why it is important to make sure every CBD item is made with 100% organic ingredients, as well as laboratory tested at a third party facility. As long as you have your vital bases covered, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the top CBD Gummies in the UK.

How are CBD Gummies created?

The top CBD edibles on the market often differ from one manufacturer to another. Then there are all the different flavours. Some possess no THC whatsoever, and others have a tiny bit, but not enough to cause any type of euphoric high. Just remember to steer clear of any and all edibles that use anything artificial, like additives and preservatives. High fructose corn syrup in a gummy can be an issue too. As long as you buy unrefined CBD Gummies with real sugar and non GMO ingredients, you’ll be good to go.


How do I eat CBD Gummies?

Consuming hemp gummies is as easy as it gets. Just think of your gummy bear as any other delicious piece of candy. Some are fruity, while others are sour. Pick bears, worms and rings, while keeping an eye out for holiday themed goodies, including Valentine’s hearts and Christmas trees. You can buy cannabis gummies with all kinds of colours and stripes. Neither vegan gummies nor the top sugar free options have to sacrifice taste. It’s up to individual buyers whether they want to toss the CBD treats in their mouths and swallow them whole or chew them up into little pieces. Either way, the CBD will be flowing throughout your system in no time.

Why should you buy CBD Gummies?

To sum it up, hemp based CBD Gummies are a tasty and wonderful treat. They are completely safe, natural and available in an enormous supply of shapes, sizes and flavours. They make ideal gifts too. CBD candy works for a special birthday, the holidays or you just feel like treating yourself. With the right CBD store online, a person can save a great deal of money, while dealing with a friendly and efficient sales team. So what are you waiting for? There couldn’t be a better time to buy CBD Gummies.


By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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