5 Things to Do in London on a Student’s Budget


According to the famous saying, there is nothing more certain in London than an expense. In fact, London is the city of contrasts, so every tourist will find something interesting and exciting to see and experience. If you are a student, who wants to roam around the place, but has a limited budget, there is no reason to despair. Leave your worries behind, find a trusted college homework helper, and head to new emotions and impressions. Are you ready to immerse into the world of fun and cheap tourism? Check out the top 5 things you can do in London, even if you are a student, who is always in need of money.

Famous Bus Tours

Have you ever heard about London bus trips? You have an excellent chance to organize one yourself. While a usual tour around the city may cost you a pretty penny, you should be creative and find ways to enjoy the most famous London attractions cheap. Fortunately, the city features a well-developed transportation system that allows tourists to see the most interesting and known places at an affordable cost. Planning a tour around London on city busses may take some time, but the result is worth the effort. Apart from the unique chance to observe the most eye-catching places in the city, you will have an opportunity to feel like a true Londoner, walking around busy streets and the depth of the city.

Peaceful London Parks

Did you have enough of the busy streets and noisy London facilities? Then it is the right time to explore eye-catching parks. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the silence and calmness of nature.

No matter if you want to sit or lie peacefully on the ground, play tennis, or admire breathtaking gardens, you will find a chance to enjoy any of these activities in London parks. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, and many other places provide visitors with unique opportunities, unforgettable views, and precious memories.

World-Known Museums and Galleries

From the diversity of excellent opportunities, curious travelers prefer museum tours. Pupils and students also appreciate the chance to see exclusive exhibitions, art galleries, and museums. Depending on the interests, you may opt for different places, the vast majority of which are free. Natural History Museum, IMW London, National Maritime Museum, Tate Modern, London Mithraeum, and other options are offered for students, who are interested in history, culture, or art.

Exclusive Shops and Markets

Have you managed to save some money, finding the quality assistance as a reply to your “will you write my paper for cheap?” request? Then, it is time to spend the savings. There is no way you leave London without an antique souvenir, perfect-looking home décor, fashionable sweater, or other items. This is an excellent way to spend the last day of your trip wasting money on cute accessories. Make sure you do not get into the shopping district with a full purse. Otherwise, you risk spending the rest of your week without a groat.

Chic Restaurants and Modern Bars

There is no way to learn about the culture of the country better than through its cuisine. Traditional fish and chips, extraordinary shepherd’s pie, and tasty bangers and mash are the inevitable parts of British culture. Take your chance to feel the spirit of the country and spend a fantastic time in the up-to-date surrounding. Besides, do not miss an opportunity to have a delicious cocktail, or even shot in the lively bar. The vast majority of London bars offer happy hours, which is an excellent option for students. Do a little research before you travel to the city and find optimal ways to save some money and spend it wisely.