6 Quick And Easy Online Marketing Tips That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Website


We all know the importance of driving traffic to our websites. The more visitors we get, the higher the chances of making sales or creating links with new long-term clients. But, it can be hard to understand exactly what is driving – or not helping drive – traffic to your website. Below, we have written up six quick and easy tips to drive more traffic to your site instantly. These tips are suitable for small or large businesses alike, so read on to find out more.

Hire An SEO Company

Tip number one is to look for a company to help with search engine optimization (SEO). For a smaller business, we recommend searching locally. You may be looking for organic SEO in Surrey, for example, and we recommend this because a local SEO company will know exactly what keywords, links, and subjects to focus on for your company’s local customers. They will be able to help build and implement a strategy to drive more potential local customers to your website by boosting your position on search engine results pages. 

Run Social Media Contests

A great way to get people to share and promote your page is to offer something in return. One of the most common ways we see this is on the platform of Instagram. Often, companies will ask their followers to ‘like’ a photo, tag friends in it, and then share that photo to their page, in return for an entry to a competition and the more people who share it, the more likely it is that their followers will start to come to your page to follow you and enter the competition too. You’ll have to give away a prize at the end of it, but your company will have a whole bunch of new followers and web traffic.

Email Your Customers

Email is, believe it or not, still an extremely powerful marketing tool. You should have been gathering customers’ email addresses from the beginning, slowly building a list of customers and their contact information. Then, now and then, send out an email to absolutely every one on that contact list. The trick here is to include a call to action in the email. For example, “Click here to see our latest offers!” This is instructing people to visit your website and, somewhat surprisingly, it works!

Go Blogging!

Another great way to drive traffic to your site is to write and share stories on blog sites. You can, of course, start your blog to generate some traffic. But, we’re talking about guest posting on other sites. Many blog sites invite business owners to share their stories on their blogs and in doing so, you can drive people’s interest in you and your business while including links in the article directly to your website, social media, or another business-related page.

Hire An Influencer

Many companies are now using social media ‘influencers’ to help promote their business. The concept is simple: find someone with a huge social media following on Instagram, YouTube or other network and ask them to promote your brand. They will do this for a fee or simply in exchange for free products from you. 

The trick here is to find the right person. It is best to try to find influencers who you believe has the right sort of followers for your company. A reality TV star, for example, might have a young following who are not the right target audience for your company. Choose someone in the right sphere and with the right kind of following for you. 

Join Or Host An Event

There are – especially in a pandemic world – more and more online conferences, seminars, events, and even parties nowadays. This can be a great way of networking or talking about your business to try and drive traffic. There are plenty of industry-specific seminars and conferences where you could offer to share your story. Or, use your own company’s platform to host an event and ask influencers, speakers, or otherwise relevant people to attend your event. Hosting on your platform will drive traffic immediately, whereas speaking at someone else’s conference means you have to be interesting enough to drive traffic to your page! 

These 6 tips can be implemented by anyone at any stage in their business and will help drive traffic. Whatever your business is, these methods are tried and tested and can work for you in bringing more and more people to your brand’s website. Hopefully, you then see an increase in clients, customers, and sales.