61% of Londoners feel that they are stuck “in a rut”


Research has revealed that 61% of Londoners feel that they are stuck “in a rut” when it comes to their daily routine, with the average Londoner admitting that they are trapped in their routine by age 35.

Routine ridden Londoners do the same things every day:
o 49% watch the same TV shows
o 50% speak to the same people
o 45% have the same breakfast
o 47% take the same route to work
o 39% make the same meals
o 37% wear the same outfits
o 31% order the same coffee
o 21% buy the same lunch
o 25% order the same drink at the pub
o 17% order the same takeaway

To help the nation see just how stuck in a rut it is, Cineworld simulated real-life Groundhog Day outside North Greenwich station, using actors to plant popular scenes from the iconic film, fooling unsuspecting commuters who practice the same daily rituals without realising just how repetitive things are.

Over the course of 5 days, hidden cameras captured reactions from commuters who – among other things, were met with a busker singing the same song (I Got You Babe), a weather reporter predicting a blizzard, a street preacher, a couple of top hat wearing Groundhog Day officials and an ice sculpturist. Amazingly, commuters repeated the same journey each day, like clockwork, so utterly absorbed in their daily routines that they remained oblivious to these surreal daily occurrences. Thus proving that many of us Brits are in fact, living real-life Groundhog Day without even realising it.

To help Brits fall in love with their day again, Cineworld has coined the word ‘newtine’, as an alternative to ‘routine’ and they are encouraging the nation to set time aside each day for habitual escapism. New research shows that when comparing a routine to a ‘newtine’, Brits responded more positively to the word ‘newtine’, showing the nation’s desire for daily escapism.

Cineworld has today applied for the word to become a part of the Oxford English Dictionary, so that Brits can see daily repetition as an opportunity to create pockets of escapism in their everyday lives.

One third (33%) of Brits felt that a trip to the cinema was a great way to break free from the daily routine, and with the Cineworld Unlimited card, it is easier than ever to inject some daily escapism into your ‘newtine’, as members can escape to the cinema again and again for one affordable monthly price. With over 350 movies to choose from in a year, and different ways to experience them each time (like IMAX, 4DX and ScreenX), a Cineworld Unlimited membership is the perfect way to keep your ‘newtine’ varied.

Plus, you can pair your cinema experience with a dining experience and save 25% off your bill at 6 national restaurant partners, including Yo Sushi and Bella Italia; a great way to mix up your newtine. Assemble your friends and organise your escapism together; for each friend that you refer to Unlimited, both of you will get a free month added onto you membership.