63 percent of Brits say they have let their talents fall by the wayside


Modern Brits are letting their creativity die, with a staggering 63 percent saying they have let their talents fall by the wayside, according to a new study.

Researchers took a detailed look into the nation’s creative talents, aspirations and regrets – and revealed one in five British adults, over the age of 30, have abandoned a flair they have for something creative.

And according to the research, the internet and social media are largely to blame – with 85 percent admitting it is simply easier to switch on phones and computers, rather than pick up a pen and paper.

Busy lives and hectic schedules emerged as one of the main excuses for not pursuing creative talents (26 percent).

Family commitments were also hailed as a reason for a lack of creative drive in 20 percent adults – however sadly, over a third felt they just “weren’t good at it anymore”.

A quarter of British adults said as a youngster they had a flair for writing stories and 17 percent said they excelled at drama and dancing.