7 Important Things You Need To Know About the Golf Equipment


by Allen Brown

Especially if you’re just getting started with gold or thinking about it, it pays to be as informed as possible. One of the critical pieces of information you will need in plenty revolves around proper gear and equipment. Of course, learning golf etiquette is also important, but knowing your way around the course will depend on the equipment you come armed with. Here are six pointers on crucial things you need to know about golf equipment. 

1. The Golf Club 

Just like a hammer to a carpenter, a paddle to a rafter, or a bat to a baseball player at the plate, the club is inarguably the most essential tool in the game of golf. When crossing items on the golfing bag checklist, the clubs are among the first things that a professional golfer checks. It’s the critical tool used to navigate around the course and move the ball towards the holes, as you may already know.

In design, the club comprises a grip, club head, and a shaft. All these parts are crucially important in the game. A golf club set also comprises 14 different clubs, including irons, woods, putters, and wedges, each with a specific role to play in the game. Among the woods, we have drivers, which are designed to hit the ball from the tee. Still, all these different types of clubs vary by design.

For instance, SIM (shape in motion) drivers are designed with advanced technology to help improve club head speed, enhance aerodynamics, and forgiveness. A product of TaylorMade SIM, these are basically an upgrade from the M5 and M6, have been praised by professional golfers for producing great results on the golf course. With this piece or a few in your golf bag, your worries on speed, aerodynamics, and twist are rather limited.

Summing it up, each golf club has its own unique purpose with contrasting degrees of distance and course. It is always advisable to change your clubs after one or two years.

2. Gloves

To enjoy the game and exhibit great performance, a quality pair of golf gloves come in handy. The gloves help keep the golf club from sliding out of your hands. They also prevent wear and tear on your hands after a long day of taking endless swings. Most importantly, they help improve your grip of the club, thus improving your swing distance, accuracy, and speed. The gloves can be worn on either hand or in the most assertive hand of the player.

3. Shoes

Shoes protect us from various hazards on the ground. However, golf shoes serve a different purpose. They help the player to attain balance on the ground, mainly while playing during the wet season. Most versions have spikes made of metal or plastic. Nonetheless, you may need to be extra careful while wearing your golf footwear since some tend to cause injury to the lawn.  

4. Tees

Tees are like a plate that holds the head of the ball as the golfer is preparing for a swing. They consist of a pointed belly that is fixed firmly in the ground. They can either be made of plastic or wood. It allows you to hit the ball with ease. Tees are not used all the time. They have a specific time when they should be used, mostly when players are making the first hit of each hole.

5. Ball Mark Repair Tool

A little care on your golfing equipment will help keep them ready for the next game. For instance, repairing the little depressions caused by the ball is vital. Also called a divot, a repairing ball tool helps in refurbishing the smooth surface of a golf ball for various reasons. It prevents it from killing the grass, keeping it healthy and green.

An unrepaired ball mark can cause tremendous damage. It can create a pit on the putting surface or even cause the grass to die. This depression can cause the ball to bounce off the line, which messes up your game and that of other players.

6. Ball Markers

Just as the name suggests, ball markers are simply used for marking the location of the ball on the green. This enables the players to withdraw their golf ball to allow other players to putt-putt without hindrances. It marks the real spots of the golf ball once it lands on the ground to ensure fair play. It’s a circular object, thin, and mostly made of plastic or metal.

7. Golf Balls

The essence of the golf ball cannot be overlooked as far as one of the world’s biggest games is concerned. Well, the balls have a distinctive design, featuring dimples on the exterior surface to improve aerodynamics. The perfectly inscribed dents help to improve how the ball spins and travels through the air upon hitting it. Most of the balls are made from a synthetic material that could instantaneously crack the human skull open from one spectacular hit. 

Golfing has evolved over the years. It’s a favorite game among the affluent in the world. As far as statistics go, there are more than a few million golfers around the planet today. Many consider it as a hobby, whereas the gifted few take it as a profession. Regardless of which category you fall, between the two, one thing is for sure. You will find the above few pointers helpful, even if you are a green beginner or just thinking of becoming a golfer