79% of male Londoners will send a bunch of flowers to a loved one this Valentine’s Day


According to statista.com, the average spend on Valentine’s Day has increased every year since 2015, with an estimated £650 million spent in 2018. This spend is largely funded by older millennials (aged 28 – 36) who are reported to be the most active buyers and gifters of Valentine’s products.

To see by gender if men have the upper hand at being the most romantic or if the ladies are sending more flowers this year, Funky Pigeon have created a tool to reveal who is the top sender of cards, flowers or alcohol to their Valentine.

It’s been discovered that men send 81% of flowers, whilst women send the most cards and alcohol. In fact, women send more alcohol (74%) than they do cards (71%).

Regional breakdown shows that in London, the most cards come from men named James and women named Sarah, though men only send 29% of cards in the UK capital. The overall top 10 senders of cards are:

  1. Sarah
  2. Emma
  3. Laura
  4. Lisa
  5. Claire
  6. Rebecca
  7. Charlotte
  8. Samantha
  9. Nicola
If you’re Valentine is on this top 10 list, expect to be getting a special note from them this Valentine’s Day!
Men do have the lead when it comes to gifting flowers, with 79% of male Londoners sending a bunch to a loved one. To see if you should be expecting a bouquet from your partner this year, see the top 10 list of senders:
  1. James
  2. Paul
  3. Michael
  4. David
  5. Mark
  6. Chris
  7. Thomas
  8. Robert
  9. Christopher
  10. Richard
Whether sending to a loved one, family member, friend or to yourself, you can see where you and your Valentine both rank with Funky Pigeon’s tool: https://www.funkypigeon.com/blog/most-romantic-valentines-day/