8 Most Profitable Home Improvement Business in the UK


People will continue to find ways to add value and comfort to their homes. Because of this, home improvement businesses will always have high demand. But if you are starting a home improvement business in the UK, what profitable businesses can you start? Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

  • Flooring Business – One of the most common home improvement projects is flooring. Construction of new homes and buildings will never stop. Because of this, there’s a need for businesses to install new flooring. Many homeowners also want to repair and upgrade their floors. When starting a flooring business, you can cater to all these people for high profits. You can either go for general flooring business or more of a specialized one, like composite decking business for outdoor improvement.


  • General Repair Services – General repairs are unavoidable, no matter how much you take care of your home. And for most people, it’s not something that they can do, whether it’s because of a busy schedule, having no idea how to do it, or not having the necessary tools to do it. Regardless, it’s a perfect opportunity to step in and earn profits. As long as you have fundamental knowledge in construction and a knack for using tools, you’ll find this business easy and rewarding.


  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – HVAC systems can be a little complicated for the ordinary homeowner. For many people, cleaning and maintaining HVAC systems, such as heaters, air conditioners, and air ducts, can be challenging. But for you, it’s an opportunity to use your knowledge in these systems. And since almost everyone has HVAC systems, you’ll never run out for potential customers. Aside from repair, maintenance, and inspections, you can also choose to sell HVAC units to homeowners.


  • Landscaping and Gardening – According to many surveys, more people in the UK are now giving more value to outdoor living space than before. Home improvement services related to outdoor spaces continue to see success, from decking businesses to gardening services. If you can create luxurious and beautiful outdoor designs and follow current trends, this can be a profitable business for you. If you’re not about doing the handy work, you can also become a consultant or a designer.


  • Custom Furniture Making – Do you have some hands capable of creating artistic and beautiful furniture pieces? If so, you could make a big profit out of it. Homeowners are more than willing to spend a lot of cash for the perfect furniture for their homes. You can also accept custom requests from your potential customers.


  • Cleaning Services – Let’s be honest; most people are living busy lives, and many people hardly have the time to do the chores. Aside from private residences, you can also offer your services to business establishments, especially if you plan big. For this type of home improvement business, close attention to detail and a strong work ethic is necessary. Other than that, all you need is the usual household cleaning products and supplies. For specialized services, like carpet cleaning, you do have to get special equipment. In any case, it’s a low-investment, high-profit business that you can consider.


  • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – When it comes to home improvement projects in the UK, many experts agree that minor kitchen or bathroom renovations add the most value. Because of this, many homeowners will look for businesses that can help them do these projects. Some of the services that you can include are kitchen cabinet making, countertop installation, and flooring businesses.


  • Home Security – Security and safety will always be a priority when it comes to home improvements, making home security business in-demand. For this business, you will need to have in-depth knowledge of security and safety features, such as CCTVs, fire alarms, and detectors. In some cases, you need to be a trained expert for these types of work. In any case, no doubt it’s a high-demand, high-profit business that you can try out.