8 Sure-Fire Tips to Gain Admission to a Top Business School


Ever wondered how people get accepted into some of the most competitive business schools in the country? Want to give your first shot at a prestigious business school the best chance?

Beating other well-qualified candidates to bag a slot at a top college means that your application must stand out. Many students think that excelling on paper is all it takes. However, to leave a lasting impression, you have to excel beyond grades and test scores. Here are some excellent tips you can use to heighten your chances of success:

Start Building Your Profile Early

Start thinking about your MBA profile from the moment you decide you want to pursue it. Prior preparation will give you a huge advantage when the application period starts, as you will have everything you need. In this preparation period:

Work on your GMAT or GRE
Take remedial coursework to improve your GPA
Attend university fairs, info events, campus tours, etc.
Network to find potential references
Build your work experience

Submit Your Application Early

Don’t take too much time working on your application. The earlier you submit it, the better. Most business schools and programs have more than one application round. If you can submit your application in round one, make sure you do. But if you feel that you need more time to enhance your application, you can wait for round two.

But why is applying early essential? Business school admission committees don’t just select students based on GMAT and GPA. They look for a mix of students with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills to create balanced and diverse classes. If you apply late, you might miss a spot if enough students with similar profiles have already been admitted.

Show Off Your Marketable Skills

Business schools are always looking for students who have the best chances of excelling and being employed in the future. Good skills to showcase include business acumen, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and initiative. The goal is to mention your standout skills in critical points in your resume, cover letter, and essays. Where you can give demonstrate your skills through previous projects, tackled challenges, and experiences, do so.

Don’t Leave Out Your Non-Academic Accomplishments

Grades and test scores absolutely matter. However, so do your accomplishments outside of academics. So, ensure you include your professional achievements, too, especially in your resume. Remember, the resume is the first thing the school will see. Don’t just mention your employer hoping to make an impression but focus on the outstanding projects and work done.

Write Good Essays and Proofread

You’ve probably heard how important your application essay is to your admission success. Your personal statement or statement of purpose ideally tells the admission committee why you are a fit for the program. You will often be required to write two or more essays when applying.

Sometimes, the pressure to get everything on paper may be overwhelming. Get a professional essay writer if you can to guide and help you through the process. To write a perfect essay, ensure you keep these tips in mind:

Give specific reasons as to why you are a fit for the school
Describe plenty of real-life examples that show your unique qualities
Avoid flattery, boasting, and too much ego
Keep to the recommended word limit
Check for typos and grammar errors before submitting your essay
Get a second opinion

Visit the School and Attend a Class

If you get the chance, visit the campus you are applying to and even sit in for a class. This way, you will get a firsthand feel and experience of what the school culture is like. You will gain insight on what to focus on when writing your essays and attending interviews. Additionally, visiting the school will show the admission committee just how interested you are in joining their institution.

Talk to Alumni and Other Students

Networking with current students and alumni of the school you’ve set your eyes on can help you gather valuable insight. You can learn what they did when applying and what the program is like, i.e., the benefits and cons. You will also have a feel of the school quality and sense of community. In the end, you will build networks with future professionals in your field.


The application process can be long and tedious and starting early guarantees you enough time to take care of everything. Do your GMAT early and have your documents in order. Also, pay attention to the above tips to help you make a great impression. Most importantly, don’t apply to too many schools as this may lead to you burning out and sending poorly-prepared applications.