85% of Brits always wait until after they’ve fallen ill to see a doctor


Earlier this month, the NHS announced disease prevention and early detection would be at the heart of its focus for creating a more sustainable model over the next 10 years.

Based on the NHS’ new focus on prevention and its findings that there is a current lack of awareness of disease prevention amongst the British public, DNAFit has launched its DNAFit Academy to encourage the nation to focus more on preventative healthcare.

The initiative has been launched by DNAFit’s Head of Health, Wellness & Sport, Rio Ferdinand, and will provide those who sign up to the academy information and insights on how to make positive lifestyle changes that will help them avoid conditions they are at a high risk of contracting, based on DNA test results.

In addition, research by University of Edinburgh professor Dr. Peter Joshi and Axa has found that about one sixth of how long we live is under direct genetic control and that “By understanding the ageing process and understanding susceptibility to disease, it’s very much my hope that as we live longer, we live healthier and happier as well.”