99% of UK licence holders would fail UK driving theory test


Given the chance to retake their driving theory test, 99% of UK licence holders would fail, according to new survey data from airport transfers company hoppa.

Ahead of Road Safety Week, an initiative by road safety charity Brake which runs from 20-26 November, hoppa wanted to find out how people would score with a condensed version of the official theory test. Hoppa surveyed 1,000 licence holders across the UK with 15 multiple choice questions.

The survey results showed an average result of just 42%, a long way off the 86% required to pass the real thing. The lowest scoring question, of which only 19% answered correctly, was related to stopping distances on wet roads.

In line with the DVSA official theory test pass rate, which requires 43 out of 50 correct answers (86%), survey respondents were required to answer 13 out of 15 questions correctly. Only eight respondents answered 13 or more questions correctly. Londoners fared the worst, with an average score of just 5 out of 15. It would seem those aged 55+ are the most clued up on the Highway Code, scoring the highest overall.