Acclaimed German artist Thilo Heinzmann heads to London


by Matt Martino

Acclaimed German artist Thilo Heinzmann will be heading to London this month!

Charles Asprey – Tyers Street will present his exhibition dubbed present Softside & Softspot in the Garden, an exhibition of works by the acclaimed German artist Thilo Heinzmann.

The show features examples of Heinzmann’s early Styropor Paintings, including O.T. from 1999/2000, where a variety of red pigments and epoxy resins are mixed and applied. First with a roller and scraper, then as drips and drops, which are absorbed into and encrusted onto the surfaces.

By 2001, Heinzmann had begun to use mouth-blown glass as another method of adding colour to his white surfaces. Bought in sheets sourced from specialist modern and antique dealers across the world, this is a feature of the most recent work in the exhibition from 2017. His use of more sculptural, hand-cut Styropor shapes (seen here in Venus, 2008) began in 2005 and persists in parallel with the pre-fabricated sheets. In some cases the surfaces are post-treated to further alter the texture of the material’s facets.

Fancy Popping In?

Opening times: Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm or by appointment

Charles Asprey – Tyers Street | 130 Tyers St | Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens | London | SE11 5HS