Action-Packed Cruises For Adventure Seekers



For those who love adventure and seek to unlock new experiences wherever they go, a cruise can be one of the most practical ways to see the world. Forget images of elderly cruise passengers playing bingo on the deck, modern cruise ships are in a league of their own, delivering world-class cruise itineraries and experiences to all types of travel lovers. To make sure you get the most out of your first cruise experience and to ensure it is packed with lots of action and plenty of unforgettable experiences, it’s important to book the right cruise for you. 

Cruises for adrenaline junkies 

If you’ve got the energy to tackle physical activity on your holiday or you love to chase thrills, there are plenty of cruise itineraries and destinations perfect for adrenaline junkies just like you! 

Cruises to destinations such as Alaska will allow you optimum time to complete once-in-a-lifetime activities. Trek across glaciers, take a dog sledding tour across the snowy lands with Siberian Huskies, or join an expedition to ‘The Great One’, the tallest peak in North America. There’s plenty to keep you busy and entertained throughout the duration of your trip. 

Other cruise destinations with action-packed shore excursions include:

  • Norwegian Fjords – famed for its stunning scenery but also its many group tours and excursions. Designed to allow you to get the best views of the landscape. 
  • Iceland – From snowmobiling to ice cave tours and trekking inside a volcano, the land of ice and fire offers some of the world’s most thrilling activities as you immerse yourself in the natural landscape of this beautiful country. 
  • South America – Take an ultimate South American cruise and dive headfirst into one of the world’s most diverse and adventurous continents. See natural wonders of the world, hike mountains, come up close and personal with local wildlife and tour breathtaking waterfalls. 

Cruise destinations for the best views 

From icebergs to the world’s longest beaches, with itineraries to almost every country on Earth and all 7 of the world’s continents, there’s no denying there are sights to be seen. Sights that will certainly take your breath away and deserve a spot in your holiday photo album. So, shutterbugs prepare your cameras and be in awe of some of the world’s most spectacular views in these popular cruise destinations: 


  • The Islands of Hawaii 

The Aloha State is the only US state in the tropics and is therefore home to some incredible natural views. From volcanoes to waterfalls and sunny beaches, you can get a wide range of views and capture the true beauty of the Islands of Hawaii from all angles. 

Must-see sights: If you choose to take a Hawaiian cruise, having the opportunity to explore both the Big Island and the other surrounding islands, including Kauai and Maui, offers a variety of sights and activities. Do not miss out on seeing lava fields and craters in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and traditional Polynesian villages on Oahu. 

  • New Zealand 

The perfect cruise destination for adventurers. New Zealand is an incredible country offering an all-natural adventure for travellers. With its lush-green valleys and mountain ranges, as well as two glaciers on the South Island. The natural beauty of New Zealand cannot be denied and provides stunning views to behold. 

Must-see sights: If you make the journey by cruise and have the opportunity to explore areas of New Zealand, be sure not to miss Lake Wakatipu, the world-heritage-listed Fiordland, and the hilly landscapes where famous films such as Lord of the Rings were filmed. 

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica, unlike New Zealand, is a Central American country bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It’s known for its rainforests, diverse wildlife, and beautiful beaches. The lush landscape and the exotic wildlife are enough to make your jaw drop in awe at the natural beauty of Costa Rica. 

Must-see sights: Some key sights in Costa Rica for the best views of the stunning landscape include Arenal Volcano National Park, home to hot springs and hiking trails. The Corcovado National Park is located on the Osa Peninsula and is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. It is home to a variety of animals, including jaguars, tapirs, and monkeys. The perfect place for you to not only immerse yourself in the beauty of the country but to get up close with nature and local wildlife too! 

  • Canada 

Whether you choose a complete Canadian cruise itinerary or as part of a North American adventure, Canada offers a spectacular array of natural sights and incredible views. The home of bears and maple syrup is also home to some of North America’s best ski mountains, national parks, and scenic railway journeys. Perfect for those looking for new sights to behold. 

Must-see sights: From the Cypress and Grouse Mountains in Vancouver – perfect for skiing – to Vancouver Island for orca and humpback whale watching, as well as over 40 national parks including the La Mauricie National Park where you can go kayaking on its lakes surrounded by bushy forests. With so much to see and do, Canada is a great cruise trip to take no matter the time of year. 

The best way to see many of these natural sights and wonders and experience unforgettable moments in some of the most beautiful and adventurous places in the world is to book shore excursions for your chosen cruise. Either as part of your online check-in after you’ve booked or onboard during the duration of your cruise, you will have the opportunity to book planned shore excursions which are run by your cruise line. Expert tour guides and local expert volunteers will introduce you to your new cruise port and take you on exciting adventures, allowing you to discover and explore to your fullest.