Adele returns with her new single ‘Easy on Me’ after six years


by Ghada Salim Makhoul

Finally, Adele is back! 

Her fans were waiting for the comeback of Adele. On 5 October, she announced to release her single ‘Easy on Me’ with a black and white teaser on her Twitter account. 

She released the song worldwide on 15 October. After she dropped the song on YouTube, the video got around 18 million views within 10 hours. The song belongs to her upcoming album ’30’. 

However, the album has been continued from her other albums like 19, 21, and 25. She named her albums with her momentous age, and this is her first studio album after her Grammy award-winning album ’25’.

For making the ‘Easy on Me’ visuals, she worked with French-Canadian director Xavier Dolan. In an interview with Vogue, Adele stated, “it’s not like anyone’s having a go at me, but it’s like, I left the marriage. 

Be kind to me as well.” According to Adele, the album is about self-destruction, self-reflection, and self-redemption. Also, she wanted to tell her story through the song. 

Adele is remarkable for ballads about regrets and heartbreak. She wrote the songs of ’30’ to her son Angelo to explain her divorce from his father. 

But she didn’t say anything against her ex-husband Simon Konecki. Adele never talked about her personal life on public platforms.


Her every album is bigger than the last one. Because of that, Adele’s fans are eagerly waiting for her albums. Adele was going through some difficulties in these years. 

She tried to work on her new albums but failed to do it. Adele is well known for her ballads like ‘Hello,’ ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ and ‘Someone Like You.’ These songs are top listed on the worldwide music charts. 

This Grammy award winner singer always comes up with some unique ballads for her fans. She appeared on the cover of Vogue’s November issue. So far, she gathered the warmth and love from her fan for her deep lyrics and mesmerizing voice. 

The song ‘Easy on Me’ started with a glimpse of a house. Adele entered a room and exhaled her breath, and then she grabbed a bag and wore her sunglass to leave the house. 

However, the house seemed to be sold. After that, she started driving by playing a cassette, and the lyrics started from here. Adele was roaming around from her road trip and noticing other people. 

Her eyes locked into a happy-looking couple. The whole setup of the song resembles the after-effect of break-up and divorce. 


The paragraph which starts ‘there ain’t no’ explainshow hard people try to change themselves for the one they love. After trying for years and years, finally, people gave up on their relationships. Because it requires efforts from both sides, one person can’t keep continuing the relationship. 


By the beautiful lines, which starts with ‘go easy on’ she stated that she didn’t feel anything of the world in her childhood. Here, she explained the childhood traumas and explained her urge to keep easy on her. 


Adele has already updated the new album layout and profile picture of her social media accounts, and she is hoping for the best for her new album ’30’, and it will be launched on 19 November. Stay tuned.