Affordable Dental Implants abroad without breaking your bank


Dental problems can have a huge impact on the way you look and feel about yourself because your smile is something that people see on a daily basis. One of the best long term solutions to replace teeth that are missing, or need to be removed, is to get dental implants. You can get a single dental implant, or even get a full mouth of dental implants if that’s something your dentist thinks is needed based on your specific dental needs.

Dental implants offer a long term, discreet solution when you need teeth replaced. However, dental implants in the UK are extremely expensive and that takes the option away for many people who simply can’t afford them.

If you’ve done searches like “affordable dental implant near me” you’ll likely have found local dental clinics that give broad price ranges. It’s not uncommon to be initially shocked by the dental implant price, it is quite expensive and can put a huge financial burden on the people who need them. If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you already understand the cost of dental implants and that you’re looking for a way to save money so that you can afford the procedure. Luckily, there is a way to save a significant amount of money on your dental implants.

One option that not a lot of people are aware of is using a dental travel agency to travel to a certified dental clinic in another country where dental implants are more affordable. For example, dental treatments in Albania cost around 70-80% less than they do in the UK.

Dental treatment prices in Albania are even cheaper than in Hungary, Poland, or Croatia.

Honest Smile is a dental travel agency based in London offering an affordable alternative to our British customers, without breaking your bank.