Aldi Recalls Patio Furniture for Causing Fire Risk as Heatwave Predicted in UK


by Fernando Acevedo

The popular UK store Aldi recently recalled some of its most sold patio furniture sets which could pose a fire risk in Wiltshire. With hotter months approaching, as predicted by the Met Office, the discount supermarket retailer wants to avoid any potential damages and catastrophes related to its products. 

The reason for a recall comes as some of the cushion covers on its garden products may lose fire-retardant effectiveness over time. This could decrease its effectiveness at preventing a flare up, leaving many shoppers vulnerable. 

Aldi released a statement defending their decision:

“As a precautionary measure, we are sending replacement cushion covers to all customers who have purchased the following garden furniture products between February 13, 2022, and April 20 2022 only.”

To remedy the situation, Aldi is suggesting customers dispose of their current cushions and await free replacements. The news comes as hotter months ahead for the UK could mean a possible heatwave that could affect outdoor furniture. 

Heatwave in the UK

When the Met Office published their prediction for summer weather this year, many residents received the news with open arms. The UK, known for its gray skies and rainy days for weeks on end, rarely gets full days of sun. 

However, the prediction also mentioned that the abnormally higher temperatures could also mean heatwave throughout the country.

Just last month in April parts of the UK experienced temperatures rising to 23C in the south east. It was labeled a heatwave while it lasted, but the rain and clouds soon moved in to relieve some of the extra heat. 

Specifically, the Met Office predicted a 40% chance of there being higher-than-average temperatures during the months of May, June and July. At the same time, the office said there was also a 50% chance that weather would be average, or even slightly cooler.

“Whilst this doesn´t necessarily mean heatwaves will occur, it does increase the likelihood of heatwaves compared to normal, particularly in June and July,” the Met said. 

Ultimately the message from the Met Office was that residents should be prepared for anything. Weather is sometimes unpredictable, and these percentages are only predictions based on their own information. 

“The increased chance of hot conditions could just as easily reflect a mix of hot and cool days, warm nights, or less extreme levels of warmth rather than heatwave conditions specifically.”

In times of such uncertainty it is important to contemplate how variable weather affects property and investments. Things such as exterior home materials and furniture could face the worst consequences if not cared for properly. 

Protecting Garden Furniture from Harsh Weather

Uncertain weather may inconvenience some residents, but everyone is affected similarly when they keep furniture outdoors. This can include lawn chairs, tables, shading structures, and more which are often placed in uncovered patios or garden areas. 

Unfortunately, these objects take the brunt of any heatwave or thunderstorm. Heat and water can wear down the natural or synthetic fibers the compose the patio furniture, leaving it discolored or structurally weakened. 

One of the best ways to protect this furniture is by leaving it in a shaded area where it won’t receive direct sunlight or water. A shade structure such as a ramada or a simple steel roof can greatly reduce the weathering of furniture and also provide a pleasant place to sit while enjoying the outdoors. 

Additionally, many pieces of garden furniture come with their own special covers. These are made to fit directly over each item so as not to leave any open or vulnerable spaces where water or light can get in. 

This is a good option for those who only use their outdoor spaces for entertaining on the weekends, since removing and replacing covers can take some effort. 

Some furniture is made of natural materials, such as teak wood or wicker fibers. These are more vulnerable to temperature changes since organic material can also serve as a home for insects like dust mites or termites. For this reason, it’s important to keep these objects clean and maintained, free of dust or webs. 

With simple fixes like these, there is no reason why expensive garden furniture should go to waste. Taking care to make sure these objects are clean and dry daily will let UK residents enjoy the warmer days without worry.