An Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of a Multi-Domain Young Indian Entrepreneur ‘Vedant Goel’


It’s never ceasing to a level of amazement when most people find endless shortcut methods to entrepreneurial success, when the only available real path is ‘hard work and smart work’. Entrepreneurs are those people who tend to utilise their time differently from others, and that’s why they become entrepreneurs to work and achieve success for their own ideas and opportunities. Today, we are going to highlight one suchexuberant journey of a young India entrepreneur, ‘Vedant Goel’, who has not only built his own empire but also has made his footprints to be recognized in multiple sectors in India.

Started Sensing the Business World at the Age of 16

The age of 16 is the time, when children usually spend most of their times in video games or leisure time of their hobbies such as sports, entertainment or socializing. But, Vedant was not like other kids. Instead of enjoying his teenage, he started sensing the business world and stepped into the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, at so young age. Within a short span of time of implementation of his ideas, Vedant started founding companies as a teenage entrepreneur.

Although, two of his initial startups, StartupKafe and Media Expert, failed to accomplish his targets, but he did not stepped back. We all know, failure is the beginning of success, and this is what happened with Vedant. Soon, he launched another company, ‘Har Aadmi Online’ which he sold after few months of operations. Right now, he is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in his mid-20s in India who is heading renowned organizations in various sectors and is also recognized as a rewarded social activist in his nation. Excelling in multiple domains, Vedant is also an angel investor for many corporate firms in and outside India.

Not only an Entrepreneur, Also Social Worker Holding a World Record

Vedant is a perfect example of a person whose cognizance for his society and diligence for his works are boundless. He has been titled as ‘Limca Book of World Records’ holder, not only one time, but four times for his accomplishment in social awareness campaign on various social issues in India. He has been conducting dental awareness campaigns to spread a blissful knowledge on dental health to the rural parts of the nation. Not only limited to it, he also teaches more than 100 thousands of Indian students on saving water and making them save 40,000 litres of water per day collectively.

Overall, Vedant is a perfect example of a person charged with impressive mankind, to change the perspective of his nation. At present, he is known as ‘Water Data’ in India who educates various communities on water conservation. The CNN News 18 network and Republic India have already broadcasted this Indian water hero to forward his inspiration to the nation. Vedant has also been recognized by the Indian Government for his exceptional approach towards contributing to the nation.

Managing Director of Neo Mega Steel and IPO Corner

In order to boost the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in India, Vedant has taken his company Neo Mega Steel LLP to reach new horizons. As a successful Managing Director of Neo Mega Steels, he has been implementing successful business plans which are continuously enhancing the annual revenue of the company at rapid rate. In the steel infrastructural industry of India, Neo Mega Steel LLP is now one of the biggest brands, serving a lot of sectors in the nation.

Apart from Neo Mega Steels LLP, Vedant has recently founded IPO Corner, which is an online platform targeting to serve knowledgeable investment related information for theinvestors and traders of IPO market and share market in India.Vedant aims to link the startups and investors through his innovative platform of IPO Corner. Within a short span of time, IPO Corner is presently the one and only choice for the investment related activities in India.

Vedant – An Indian Public Figure and Inspiration to All Entrepreneurs

Vedant says, “Working with a calm mind mixed up with consonance can always make you achieve your goal.” Always having a dream in his mind to become a successful entrepreneur from his childhood has been accomplished by him successfully at so young age. At present, Vedant is not only an inspiration for the people of India, but his successful voyage with lots of struggles and hard works makes a lot of dreamers positively inspired. Of course, he has the calibre and leadership qualities, which an entrepreneur should have and he believes firmly that, “Consistency and patience in achieving your aim should be constant. Then only, your work will pay off!”

No doubt, India is a hub for multi-talented people and entrepreneurs, and Vedant Goel is one such personnel, who is a successful role model to many global businessmen. In the world of entrepreneurship, age doesn’t matter. All that matters is an idea and the way it is implemented, and Vedant proves it.