An interview with industry-leading Royal Stone Care – your questions answered


Who exactly are Royal Stone Care?

Royal Stone Care is based in London, and we cover the whole of the city and outside it. We’re the leading specialists in maintenance of all types of natural stone, which includes repairing, polishing and restoration jobs.

Our corporate and domestic clients trust us with their fireplaces, countertops, bathrooms, floors and more. And all our staff have the training, equipment and skills to complete jobs efficiently and effectively, time after time, whatever the customer needs.

Essentially, we take care of all those stone-care jobs that are invariably best left to the experts.

Which natural stones do you work with?

At Royal Stone Care we’re well placed to work with a range of different natural (and some artificial) stones, including marble, quartz, granite, limestone and terrazzo, as well as concrete, travertine and brick.

If you need help with any other kind of stone, please talk to us.

What services do you provide, exactly?

At Royal Stone Care, we’re able to restore, seal and repair any kind of natural stone, whether that’s a kitchen worktop, floor, bathroom, fireplace or piece of furniture such as a marble dining room table.

You might have damaged the stone by placing something hot on it, or you may have had a spillage, a crack or chip or a hairline fracture to the surface. We can help, and have your marble or other piece of natural stone looking as good as new very promptly.

Meanwhile, our stone cleaning services cover both one-off deep cleansing and regular visits to keep surfaces dust and dirt-free in between the bigger cleans. And it doesn’t matter how much stone needs sprucing up, we’re used to the bigger jobs.

Equally, we’re specialists of high-pressure jet washing of outside areas such as patios and driveways, removing all traces of grime, mould and dirt.

At the moment, given the current coronavirus situation, we’re also deep-cleaning commercial and residential premises, safely and thoroughly.

Can you tell us about the products you use?

Yes. We never use any potentially harmful chemicals in anything we do.

Who are your customers?

It’s a real mix – from private householders and families to estate agents and managers, property developers, landlords and interior designers. Among our clients are a number of high-profile brands and individuals.

We’ve worked just about everywhere – in homes, hotels, retail settings, bars and restaurants and even some train stations!

So we have numerous happy customers, many of whom need us to sort out a problem another company has left them with. Equally, we’re often dealing with an issue that the customer may have inadvertently caused themselves, for example by thinking they could repair their own marble kitchen countertop.

It just goes to confirm what we knew already, that natural stone repair really is best left to a specialist who knows what they are doing, otherwise there may be potential for permanent damage to the stone’s surface.

Thanks to our complete guarantee of satisfaction, and comprehensive insurance, customers booking their natural stone care services with us enjoy complete peace of mind from the outset.