Anthony Joshua spotted putting up a billboard of his own face to market his new sports drink


World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Anthony Joshua has been spotted putting up a billboard of his own face to market his first sports drink with Lucozade Sport – Fruit Punch.

The new apple and raspberry Fruit Punch, a collaboration between AJ and Lucozade Sport, has seen the knockout king take marketing matters into his own hands, pasting his own billboard in his hometown of Watford.

Living by his motto ‘Stay Humble’, which is emblazoned on the bottle and has underpinned his success in holding four of the five major championships in boxing, AJ has also been spotted delivering crates of the drink to corner shops and even surprising joggers and random shoppers in a bid to get the word out about his new Fruit Punch.

The isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink has been designed by the sports and exercise brand Lucozade Sport to support everybody that is made to move, containing carbohydrates and electrolytes to enhance hydration and help maintain performance during endurance exercise.

World Heavyweight Champion of the World Anthony Joshua, comments:

“It’s not every day you launch a drink with your own face on it! This is an exciting venture for me so I couldn’t help but get stuck in and put up the billboards myself. Lucozade Sport aims to support everybody that is made to move and I hope my new flavour will inspire even more people to get active.”


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