App-etite for Innovation: Exploring the Latest Food Tech Apps Reshaping Culinary Experiences


We’ve come a long way from Grandma’s secret recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation: enjoying good food has never been easier than today. It’s not just because of the ubiquity of ingredients, such as getting organic nuts online or eating world food anywhere. 

Technology has played a major role in almost all aspects of life, but many would still be puzzled to find the relevance of it in the kitchen. After all, you still peel, slice, simmer, roast, and do all the things your ancestors needed to do.

However, some apps are reshaping the view of food for chefs, restaurants and consumers alike . Let’s take a look at how!

Augmented Reality Dining

Augmented Reality is Virtual Reality’s little brother. Instead of fully interacting with a virtual world, virtual information is superimposed in our “real” reality. This exciting field has a myriad of applications, and one of the most interesting ones relates to the hospitality sector.

Let’s say you want to enjoy some gyros in London but are unsure about your choices. What does it look like? How big is the serving? Thanks to apps like Kabaq, you might not have to!

This app superimposes virtual images of menu items onto the real-world dining environment. 

For example, you can point your phone’s camera to a menu, and it’ll display a 3D view of the dish. It’s a fantastic possibility for food delivery as well.

Smart Kitchen Assistants

Even though the concept itself is hazy, innovative kitchens use technology to maximise “enjoyment” in the room. How do they do that? With a lot of things like intelligent faucets, appliances, lighting and more. 

However, if you haven’t yet jumped on the smart kitchen bandwagon, you can use apps like KitchenPal as a virtual smart kitchen. It helps by managing all aspects of your kitchen, including making grocery lists and analysing your habits, while keeping track of what’s in your pantry.

Community Virtual Grocery Shopping

There are many apps that let you buy groceries, and they’ve been available for years. However, some platforms go one step beyond, such as Instacart. 

This platform lets you order groceries lightning-fast from many locations, but there’s a twist. Using the app, you can become a shopper for other people needing groceries. You earn money for each order and can do it at any time you want.

It’s a great way to earn some side income and make food available for people in need, such as the elderly or those with mobility issues.

Recipes for the Masses

Many of us have a favourite chef, but lack the time or skill for their grandiose dishes. And, let’s face it, the Internet is full of bad recipes that can make a cooking evening or dinner party turn sour. However, apps come to the rescue once again!

Cookpad is a good example. It lets you find recipes by others in the community, using filters such as vegetarian, keto, food intolerance, etc. It also enables you to share your recipes and offer and receive advice from others.