AUREA Multi Family Office Founder Raffaele Riva Shares His Views on Success


Raffaele Riva, who is the founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, recently completed an interview in which he shared more about his day and the work he is doing. He founded the organization in 2008 and continues to co-own it. Within this company, he has helped to foster the growth and development of numerous others, including Aurea Consulenit Associati SA, BGB Aurea Ltd, and Milano Fiduciaria. 

Born in 1962, he maintains both Swiss and Italian citizenship and is fluent in English, Italian, and French. In an interview, he shares insights into what it is like to work for his company. 

When asked about his typical day and how he remains productive, Raffaele Riva shared that he doesn’t really have a typical day. He focuses on urgent work first and tends to work from as early as 7:30 in the morning through to 9:00 pm each day. He states, “My working day is already planned, day by day, with my agenda. I have a daily journal noting down the various activities that I have to be done during the day.” He also notes that he travels quite a bit and that every day is different. 

When it comes to making his ideas come to life, he offers a simple statement, “I take my own life experiences and let them guide my ideas.” He also is passionate about success and strives for it in everything he does, both personally and in the work he does.

Being Positive Means Success

One of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur and successful leader is their ability to be positive. When asked about a habit that helps make him productive, Raffaele Riva shares, “To think always positive and to be kept up to date. To be curious to learn in any circumstance. Read a lot and everything, watch and listen to any topic of interest.”

Strategies to Grow Companies

When measuring the success of a company or a leader, it is often wise to consider what strategies they used to reach their success. There are many examples of strategies that enable companies to grow. For Riva, it’s about providing true value to the clients he has, as that has helped to foster long-term business success. He says, “When you wake up each morning asking for more ways to better serve and satisfy your clients, you will dramatically boost your business.” 

He also focuses on the serving focus of his business. To be successful, he finds a way to serve his clients and provide them with the support they need. “Always think in terms of serving, and even if your client was the one who was wrong, take the initiative to fix things and correct them immediately: it will provide value in their life.”

Overcoming Failures

Every successful leader has to go through periods of success and failure to reach their highest level of success. That is true for Raffaele Riva as well. He was asked about a failure in his time as an entrepreneur and what he did to overcome it.

In doing so, he talked about how he allowed his business to grow to a point where it exceeded his ability to manage it successfully, which meant he was committing to too many opportunities and projects. He says, “some of them have proved to be the wrong choice, and the rapid growth was like cancer. I overcame it by understanding that ‘I don’t do it’ is completely different than ‘I cannot do it,’ and I came back to my healthy growth saying ‘no more.” 

A great deal of what success he has comes from his passion for providing quality service. When he reflects on his good and bad experiences, Riva states that he would offer the following advice. “Do what you like and makes you feel better, believe in it, and never fear of failure or a lack of believing in yourself if you want people to believe in you.”

Raffaele Riva continues to be associated with a wide range of businesses, including in areas of asset and wealth management, real estate, wealth and estate planning, trusts, and corporate finance and restructuring.

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