Awww! Big Brother star Chelsea Singh and his daughter are sooo adorable


by Jacqui Tucker

Forget his quirky moments on Big Brother, His Bentley and ofcourse his upmarket nightclub in Windsor, millionaire reality star Chelsea Singh and his daughter are just adorable.

The star who has taken time out of his djiing and running his varied businesses has been taking to twitter to keep his thousands of followers updated about what he and his beautiful daughter are up to.

In what snap he quips “Looking for a Cartier watch for my daughter kenzie.Where else to go but the best thanks you legend! @kenzieajames @PoshPawnTV @BourbonHanby”

Whilst in another tweets he posts a picture of his daughter Kenzie adding “Can’t wait to see my daughter later on today. Not only is she beautiful like her dad loool ? but she’s fuuukin smart too! @kenzieajames ❤️”

Singh, 49, is a business owner and property developer.

He made his money running photography studios and has investments in hotels, property, online businesses and household products.