Benefits of Buying Printer Ink Online


Despite thousands of stores now opening up across the UK after the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s fair to say that many shoppers still prefer going online to buy what they need. Even though it’s great to support local businesses whenever possible, some shoppers don’t feel comfortable going into a high street shop just yet. Like using an online pharmacy, there are a ton of benefits for getting your products shipped straight to your door, and we’ll discuss some of the major advantages for doing this with buying printer ink.

Notoriously expensive on the high street, many people hate buying printer ink and believe the prices are pretty much a scam. However, if you don’t want the hassle of buying ink from a brick-and-mortar shop, then go online for the following benefits:

Far more selection

How many times have you gone into a shop for a product, only for the staff to tell you that they’re out of stock? This happens far more than it should, but at an online store for printer ink or toner, you’ve got a lot more options for your particular make and model, which means you don’t have to go from shop to shop looking for it. A site like TonerPartner is known for generally having more selection for older printers that other physical shops likely won’t stock anymore.

Discounts and shipping

Every shop owner knows that buying in bulk is cheaper, but there’s rarely any benefit towards buying 10 ink cartridges at a high street store. If you wanted to do the same online, you’ll often be rewarded with discounts and free shipping. Plus, it means you can buy several cartridges and printer accessories for better prices at once, and store them away for the right time they’re needed. If you’re printing a lot, then it’s no fun to have to make a trip to the shops just for printer ink or toner. Online stores even have same-day delivery when urgency is needed.

Eco-friendly and better payment options

Finally, online stores normally offer more payment options than inside a shop. PayPal, for instance, is widely used across the world and many customers prefer to use this instead of a credit card. As well, online ink cartridge stores are able to offer recycled products, as unfortunately millions of empty cartridges are needlessly thrown away each year. This is an eco-friendly effort that many customers will approve of and is a reason they will recommend to friends and family.