Best activities for Families in London this year


While the holiday season is starting to wind down there are more and more crowd-free spaces and enjoyable activities that won’t stress you out. Now is the time to squeeze in as many social activities and memorable adventures as possible to make the best of your holidays. There are plenty of places you can go to if you’re by yourself for with adult friends and family members but it can sometimes be tricky to organize some quality family time when there are kids involved. We tried to combine a list of activities that can be equally enjoyable for adults and children alike and that saves you from awkward situations. The list covers more tame, quiet activities as well as more adventurous things you can do while staying safe and within the city area.

London Transport Museum

Don’t get discouraged just because it’s a museum. The London transport museum is definitely more fun for the kids than your average art museum. It is colorfully engaging and informative and around the year, since most people are drawn to holiday-themed exhibitions and parties there aren’t a lot of people, which is a crucial aspect when choosing a place to go to with a large group of people, especially kids and family. London Transport Museum is not your regular exhibition though, it is an adventure hunt. You get to follow the Stamper Trail surrounded by iconic red buses, trains and other transportation. It is based in Covent Garden so it will be easy to get to. The visitors get to explore the museums and learn about the link between transportation and the modernization of London that has been taking place since 1800. You can even see the world’s first Underground steam train there. There are interactive galleries for kids to enjoy as well, where they can actually step aboard real buses and go on Tube driving simulators. It is a perfect mix of history, art, and fun to make the family trip memorable and enjoyable for everyone. If you’ve never had the time to learn about London’s world-famous transportation system now is the time to do so.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a different choice compared to all the traditional dining and walking in the parks and ice skating, which are all fun in their own way. But if you’re looking for something more interesting and innovative and that kids will for sure enjoy then you should definitely consider going to an escape room together as a family. Escape rooms vary from scarier ones to puzzle-solving adventures, to a different holiday or pop culture themes and they also vary on difficulty levels. Even your extended family can join in on this one because most escape rooms can offer you activities designed for big groups of people, but in this case, you might want to book the venue a couple of days earlier. But if there’s just going to be 6 or fewer people its way easier to manage. There is a long list of London escape rooms, so you will definitely be able to find the right one for you. Maybe you can do an escape room that centers around the favorite movie character of the kids or their favorite movie. It will be an unforgettable experience for them and a great bonding moment for all of you since the escape room is a great way to practice teamwork.

Ice-skating rings

Even though we’ve mentioned ice-skating among more traditional ways to spend time with the family there really isn’t a better time to break out you ice-skate and hit the ice rings. There are a couple of icer rings in London you could choose from based on your location but you can’t really go wrong with the Ice-skating. Kids, even if they have never done this before are usually quite good at it and they enjoy it a lot, meanwhile, it can be a nice change for the parent too if maybe you would like to brush up on your ice-skating skills or maybe learn it together with the kids. It is a great way to get some physical activity, have fun and enjoy the holiday season for all of its best perks. Usually, Ice rings are not very touristy so you will encounter fewer people here than in other more holiday themes additive so that is definitely a plus as well. But even if the ring seems a bit crowded, it is worth to give it a try, if you’ve never been together ice skating as a family. It is also a bit riskier compared to other activities we’ve offered but it is good training for everyone, plus you will likely have instructors there to keep everyone in check and it never hurts to be attentive in any surroundings.

Shrek’s Adventure London

This one may be more for the kids than for adults, but there are many parents out there who enjoy animated films as much as their kids and this is a perfect place to enjoy your favorite characters in real life. This is a Dreamworks studio project, located on Westminster Bridge Road and is an interactive experience that brings the character to life. The sets are from all the Shrek movies and you get to choose from 10 different live shows, storytelling and even a 4D rise with special effects and animation that makes you feel like you’re part of the animation. It can be an unforgettable experience for younger children who have loved the cartoon for a while. The setup features a lot of iconic scenes and objects from all the Shrek movies so if you and your family have loved this animated movie for a while it’s a great place to start your day off. Granted if your kids aren’t the biggest fans of the movie it can still be enjoyable and something different to remember, especially since it’s not a museum, so this adventure facility offer shows and entertainment that is beyond the Shrek plot as well.