Best Cities for an Unforgettable Night Out


The best nights out are the ones which leave lasting imprints in the memory. The ones that you’ll be able to look fondly back on in years to come. The ingredients of a truly unforgettable night out are sometimes difficult to pin down – but there can be no doubt that the destination itself is a key component.

Best cities for a night out

Let’s run through a few of the best cities in Europe for an amazing night!


Berlin is a city with truly incredible nightlife, thanks to its high concentration of artists and musicians. There are diverse clubs built into an equally diverse set of historic buildings. While the city is best known for its influence on techno and house music, theres something here for everyone – even if you dont intend to stay out late every night. The food is great, too.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The nightlife in Amsterdam is a major reason that the city draws in so many tourists, year upon year. But theres more to the city than partying. In fact, we might go as far as to say that the local culture here is a little more reserved than that of some of the larger cities on this list. Amsterdam is an amazing place for a night out – and it doesnt need to shout too loudly about it.

Riccione, Italy

This tourist resort lies in the middle of the Riviera Romagnola, in the north of Italy. Its got plenty to recommend it to young people, including a wealth of beach parties and nightclubs. If youd like to enjoy a non-stop party while soaking in the natural beauty of the region, this should be a definite inclusion on your next tour of Italy.

Barcelona, Spain

If youre planning a trip to Catalonia, and youd like to party all through the night, then Barcelona is an obvious choice. The locals dont enjoy their evening meal until after nine in the evening, which means that things will just be getting started when you arrive at the clubs at midnight. Bear in mind that certain venues here have a fairly strict dress code, so do your research in advance before attending.

Budapest, Hungary

Two factors combine to make Budapest an appealing destination. The first is the cost. Drinks, along with everything else, are very cheap in Hungary. The second is the fact that this place is not yet well-known among tourists, which means a different kind of crowd. Pay a visit to the ruin bars, which are built into some truly unique spaces.


Weve just scratched the surface of what Europe has to offer. You might also consider Stockholm, Belgrade, Prague, Warsaw and London. Whatever your choice of destination, make sure that youve got the evening planned meticulously, and that youre taking along some of your favourite people!