Best Cryptocurrency Converter for Stellar Lumens

Find out more about Stellar Lumens and how to choose the best crypto converter for financial activities with it.


What Crypto Converter to Choose for Stellar Lumens

A cryptocurrency converter simplifies the way we trade on exchange platforms. You can swap cryptocurrencies and fiat money within seconds, often at zero fees. 

  • To convert your assets, select your pair from a drop-down list.
  • On the next screen, preview the deal. You’ll see the rate and tokens you will receive.
  • When you confirm, you’ll find them in your wallet instantly.

It’s all available in one place without any distractions. No order book, chart, or trading options; the simple convert tool is all you need.

How to Choose Crypto Converter for Stellar Lumens

While most exchanges have converters, that doesn’t make them all the same. Some have more currency pairs. Some offer lower spreads (fair rates).

Whatever converter you choose, it can make hundreds of dollars of difference (depending on your trading volume). That’s why comparing your choice with different platforms matters. Here are some steps to help you decide:

  1. Selection: Does the converter show the coin you want to swap (e.g., Stellar Lumens)?
  2. Fees: How much do you pay for converting ? Is it variable? Is it fixed? Mind that not all platforms are free.
  3. Spread: When exchanges apply spread, you buy crypto above the market rate and sell it below. Which converter has the lowest spread?
  4. Transparency: When you see the conversion preview, does it match with what you get? Is there any slippage? How often are price rates updated?
  5. Speed: Not only conversion speed matters. Can you instantly swap currencies? Do you need to register, connect wallets, and/or verify an account?

Even if you find the ideal converter, mind that platforms change their features regularly. So, if you always want to trade at the best rate, you must have a second option. It can be an extension (Bitcoin Auto-Converter), an app (Coini), or an exchange (Godex).

High-Quality Crypto Converters for Stellar Lumens

The ideal converter will offer instant transactions, low fees, great coin selection, minimal spread, and simple fixed rates. By using the best one, you’re saving hundreds of dollars after dozens of conversions (maybe, $1000+ as a big player).

How do you find it with so many options out there? Well, here are the four best crypto converters that we could find.


Launched in 2017, is the go-to exchange for thousands of traders. It offers simple, anonymous swaps for 400+ currency pairs. Converting to Stellar Lumens is just as easy as ABC.

  • Visit The first thing you’ll see is the conversion tool.
  • Enter the tokens you want to send and receive (XLM).
  • Provide a wallet address for your Stellar Lumens on the next screen.
  • Keep in mind that if your address is valid, the next window will show a deposit address.

Finally, when you send crypto to the deposit address, Godex sends XLM to your wallet. You can see exactly the amount you get. For 30 minutes, your conversion rate remains fixed.

For extra privacy, Godex only keeps your trading history temporarily. You can also check forecasts for possible changes in prices of different coins (e.g., XLM price prediction 2025).


Founded in 2017, Binance might be the most used exchange worldwide. The exchange offers low fees, an increasing number of tokens, and more features (P2P, NFTs, BSC, DeFi, Futures).

While it may sound complex, converting is simple:

  • Log into your account or sign up for Binance if you haven’t done it yet.
  • In the menu, “Convert” is the first option you’ll find in the Trade tab.
  • Here, select the coins you want to exchange. You can only convert the token amount you hold in your spot wallet.
  • Preview conversion, and if numbers make sense to you, confirm.
  • You’ll find your new tokens in the wallet.

Binance converts without fees and price slippages. However, there’s a 0.1% spread (e.g., $0.3722/XLM instead of $0.3729).


Launched in 2017, Curvert offers conversion rates for over a hundred fiat currencies. No matter where you live, you can probably find your local currency here. As for crypto, Curvert includes the most used tokens only (from Bitcoin to DogeCoin). While there are only about 12 cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens appears on this list.

Curvert has feature limitations, such as:

  • You can only check conversions between fiat currencies.
  • You can only compare one crypto to another.
  • Even though there’s a BTC-USD converter, the rate isn’t accurate, as it only updates 4–6 times per day.

To convert to XLM, Curvert redirects you to the Binance converter. The steps are the same as described before.


Founded in September 2017, CoinCodex aggregates over 300 crypto exchanges. Traders visit the platform to learn more about different coins. Users can also trade and convert cryptocurrencies. If you ever wanted to have many valuable features for crypto trading in one place, CoinCodex may be the solution. CoinCodex isn’t very intuitive for conversions. Anyway, here is how to use its converter:

  • Go to Converter in the More tab.
  • Use the drop-down list to find your XLM pair.
  • When you click on Convert, it sends you to Binance. Follow further instructions.

The rates offered by CoinCodex equal roughly $0.3722 per XLM (as of fall 2021).


Whether you’re trading Stellar Lumens or Bitcoin, Binance and Godex seem to be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency converters. Whether you prefer one or another, it’s better to keep both in case the other doesn’t work for whatever reason. In any case, converters are the fastest way to swap crypto and fiat for minimum fees.