Best Live Casino Games to Play


Live casino games have certainly taken a turn for the best they could ever be in terms of technological advancement. They are loved because they imitate the real-time experience that all casino enthusiasts love. In this day and age, players want access to more than just a computer driven gaming experience, and that is exactly what live casino gives to the modern-day player. Live casino is something that allows you to connect with all your favourite casino niches, in the most realistic experience possible, without the need of actually being in a casino! You get the same croupier-player interaction virtually, and all your bets mimic the same style and options given to you in a land based establishment. 

If you are new to the world of live casino, you may not know where the best place to start would actually be for your gaming journey. For that very reason, we took the liberty of listing all the best titles that you could get into, to start your gambling journey off in the right way. 

Live Blackjack  

Live blackjack is possibly one of the most popular titles that you could start off with on your journey. With the multiple variants out there, single-blackjack is probably the most enjoyable for a beginner, especially due to the fact the house edge is considerably lower than most of the other variations.  

Some of the best developers include Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, as they have released considerably great quality titles that are playable in full HD, which puts your right in front of a seamless experience. You can, of course, explore more challenging gaming options in blackjack, such as multi-hand and fast paced gaming opportunities, which should certainly pace up the entire experience for you if you happen to get bored!

Live Roulette 

Live roulette is another huge successful game option at a casino, and probably one of the most popular of all time for gamblers. The great thing about roulette is, there are many variations that have different attributes, which can really make your gaming better. Beginners are often told to play European or French roulette, as the house edge and odds are less, making it easier to take away some winnings for yourself. American roulette however, is something of a step up in difficulty, due to the extra double zero pocket that you will have within the game set up. This can increase the house edge massively, meaning while it is not as easy to make huge winnings, it still is massively fun to play! 

Live Casino Hold’em

Poker is the game that many gamblers want to start off on, especially with the large inspiration from movie culture like the James Bond movie series for example. This game will entail you playing poker against the dealer, and you must continuously decide whether you want to fold, call or raise the stakes. It is hugely entertaining and certainly will get the adrenaline going within your body. Which is the reason many play after all isn’t it? The excitement that casino games can bring towards your life are certainly unmatched. 

You may also have heard of progressive jackpots within the gambling community too, especially if you are already a slot machine lover. The Jumbo 7 game is a poker game with an integrated progressive jackpot for players that wish to test their luck for a huge prize amount. For every player that joins the game, more money is added to the huge jackpot-meaning more money for the winner at the end. While the odds are slimmer for winning a progressive jackpot than the lottery itself, many like to dream, don’t they?

Live Baccarat 

Live baccarat is another popular game that many favour within Asian regions of the world. Just like other games mentioned in this list, it actually comes in many variations, meaning that you can enjoy different styles and betting options across each game. The traditional route is preferably one that all like, as it is original. Yet, there are speedy game options which are more suitable for those that do not have much time to give to their playing efforts as they would like. Even the multiplayer tables get a lot of attraction, as players can play against each other, as well as the dealer.