Best Way For Firefighters To Avoid Cancer Is Infrared Sauna Exercise


The fight against raging wildfires is not the battle firefighters are fearing today.   Trees falling, houses falling down, the idea of being trapped with no way out, does not shake the fearless men and women of this career field.  Instead, what is scaring most today is the disease Cancer. Lately however, even this battle has been taken on front and center. The cure and best way for Firefighters to win the war with Cancer, infrared sauna exercise.

Between 2012 and 2018,  Firemen and women did more than make fun nicknames and hold conversations with slang only their own would know.   They did more than fight fires, a profession that has to be a passion.   As the world saw their triumphs and good times, little do most know, over 70 died from this career field.  What’s most striking to note however, they did not die fighting fires. Instead, they died in a fight with Cancer. Scientists were alarmed at death rate and correlations of causes.

What was the cause? It was the smoke.   Smoke from the fires left so many toxic chemical traces in and on the skin of firefighters, the blaze still killed them. Years after leaving the job for some, firemen still died from events on the job.

Today, researchers & firemen together have come up with one ideal cure.    Firefighters need to spend time daily, relaxing. Not a vacation, but instead exercising and lounging in in the best infrared sauna locations near them.   Working up a sweat in a luxurious fashion.

Tests ran by various American health organizations found that firemen and firewomen who have a daily session in sauna after work, are healthier. Allowing the pores to open and sweat out the chemical traces from house fire smoke, makes a tremendous difference in the short and long term effects of the job.    Furthermore, firefighters even report they can smell the difference. As the smelly residuals of the job tended to last a week or more for most, after the sauna many report it ends after 1 day.

Perhaps cities should look into finding out what are the  best infrared sauna models  are and begin building  facilities within the firehouses.   As so, the last hour of the job day can be spent exercising and sweating out dangerous toxins.    A conclusion to such practices could be the saving of hundreds of lives who’s job is to keep everyone else safe.

Across the United States city officials are talking about the issue.   A news tv story for Phoenix, Arizona firefighters getting educated on the topic & pitching their request for a sauna can be seen below.