Beyond Desktops – Build A Mobile-Friendly Website For Your Business


The advent of the internet began years ago on a computer with the sole purpose of sharing information. Thanks to technological innovation, we have only grown and optimised our lives and have become hugely dependent on the internet, but even more on our smartphones. 

Today we do not have to sit in a fixed place and confine ourselves to plugs and heavy wires, as information can be available anywhere and everywhere at our fingertips. We have moved beyond desktops to have access to information through mobiles. Even though these devices look tiny compared to those bulky monitor screens, they have the potential to carry and convey heaps of data in one second at one click! Allow our best web design agency in the UK to explain further.

Mobiles were introduced to help ease connection and communication, but in today’s digital era, consumers use mobile phones not just to call or text but for every little need in their daily routine. So much so that getting directions, listening to music, socialising, conducting meetings, shopping, watching videos or learning a new skill is possible through mobile. Smartphone devices are not just used to meet one’s essential requirements. People of all generations are glued to their devices, even when bored, curious or hungry (Uber Eats, anyone?!), to scroll an entire day aimlessly.

According to statistics, 83.72% of the population owns a smartphone, and 91.54% own a basic mobile phone with the internet. Out of these users, in London, spend an average of four hours per day on their mobile screen, while a whopping 73 per cent of the London population prefers shopping online through their mobiles!

Why are we sharing so much data? Well, to make you realise the shift in digital marketing practices and the need to prepare your business strategy in a way that focuses and caters to your mobile-centric consumers. A business website is undoubtedly an asset to your business, but you must prioritise and ensure that it is mobile-friendly and responsive.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website replicates your original business website and should function as smoothly on a mobile device as on a computer screen. A mobile-friendly website design in London must be created to be pleasing to the eyes, effortless to navigate and browse through and easy to read without the need for zooming in and pinching in.

With the above statistics and data in mind, there is no doubt why there is an urgent demand for a mobile-friendly website nowadays to draw more traffic to your business. But, still, if you are not persuaded, here are a few pointers that highlight the importance of a mobile-friendly website!

Accelerate Business Growth With A Mobile-Friendly Website

Here’s how:

  1. Invariable Access: As a business owner, you must upscale your business practices according to evolving trends and serve your audience with the latest technological advancements to gain a higher customer retention rate. Everyone uses a mobile phone today; your ideal audience is too. Thus, make your business accessible to them 24/7 with a mobile-friendly website.
  2. Lower Bounce Rate: It takes 2-3 seconds for a mobile user to bounce from your site to another. But if you build a unique website that is soothing to the eye with convenient navigation and a swift page loading speed, your visitors will be pleased and encouraged to spend more time on your website. A great user experience on a tiny mobile display is the key to pulling your audience and turning them into loyal customers.
  3. Amplifies SEO: Google’s algorithm promotes mobile-friendly websites. Since an average consumer spends nearly four to five hours daily on the internet, Google wants you to invest in a mobile-friendly web design in London that will create a seamless mobile experience to boost your sales and revenue. The more your website is promoted, the better your SEO ranking. Hence, a mobile-friendly website is no longer a choice; building one for your business growth is inevitable.
  4. Organic Credibility and Visibility: A responsive and premium quality mobile-friendly website design will only make new customers believe in your services. This will help build credibility and trust. Once satisfied with your website, they will recommend and share it with more people, increasing visibility and organically garnering more audience and sales for your website.

Find out why a mobile-friendly website is the key to rescuing your online business!

Build Your Mobile-Friendly Website With The Specialists

Don’t know where to look for expert mobile-friendly website designers in London? You do not have to look further, as you have landed on the most relevant page!

We at Telsa Media are recognised as professional wizards for designing elegant websites. Our web design and development services extend through a range of exquisite services, including creating mobile-friendly websites. Our web designers have commendable experience in creating eccentric mobile-friendly websites that will bring out the real essence of your products and services and fascinate your audience to visit and keep revisiting your hassle-free website.

Mobile-friendly websites are here to stay, and their demand will only multiply in the coming times. Hence, you must invest in them at the earliest to bring your business ahead of competitors and to the top of Google’s search page to reap the benefits.