Big labels are lining up to sign independent super star StaJe


Rising star StaJe has been in the industry for a few years now. We have watched him bounce from sound to sound and style to style. With his heavily anticipated release last year “EDGE” he really put himself in a position to separate himself from the rest. He not only wrote and produces his entire EP POETRY but he also writes for other well known artist. He has been doing this for years. With now an opportunity to shine the light on himself, he released a collab album earlier this year with Los Angeles native rap mogul Goddi.

The release feathered very well among the genre of listeners. With StaJe style being more diversified he is able to captivate all listeners from different angles. His release “Swedish Tuck” reminded us all of the modern day Micheal Jackson with respect to the iconic pop star! He really exudes stardom!

To understand this artist you have to go back to the streets of Columbia South Carolina. He was raised by a single mother of 4 boys. Being the second oldest of 4 he constantly battled for his position in the home. As he says “I wasn’t the oldest where I could be the man of the house and I wasn’t the youngest where I could be babied”. He has such a interesting perspective on things. He was a standout football player in high school and even went off to college getting a full scholarship to play football at the HBCU Alabama State. Things didn’t work as planned so he ended up transferring to Hofstra University in New York where he’d take up communication. “Football wasn’t fun to me anymore, I wanted to pursue other things”.

After finishing school StaJe went into the airline industry where he was a flight attended for several months. After meeting a lot of actors he decided he wanted to give it a try!

“I moved out to LA to become another Will Smith, we see how that worked out”. Not only is the star talented in many areas but he has some sense of charm! He will be releasing his new single “Jimmy Choos” May 22nd.

If it’s anything like his previous releases we can’t wait to get our hands on this story telling icons material.

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