Bitcoin Offered At Cheaper Rates By An Argentinian Gold Mining Company named Veladero


Bitcoin achieves a milestone by reaching a new sky-time high value closer to $10,000. Now might be the best time for anybody to buy Bitcoin. It has been predicted that once the Bitcoin reaches the mark of $11,000, then it would keep breaking its own records. According to the various industry experts as well as the economists, it has been predicted that 2019 would be the year when the big companies would be starting to invest their money in Bitcoin.

Due to these reasons, it can be easily predicted that the rates of Bitcoins would rarely decrease. It’s time for the global cryptocurrency to take over the world. And in the midst of all of this chaos, an Argentinian gold mining company named Veladero has been reported to offer the Bitcoin to their customers at cheaper rates. About a difference of 2-4% has been observed in the Bitcoins offered by Veladero. So, if anyone would currently think to buy Bitcoin, then buying them from Veladero would bring them in a discount of about $200.

Veladero has turned out to be one of the top gold mining companies in the entire world. With the help of its association with various partners such as Barrick Gold Corporation, Veladero has successfully managed to reach to the top. With the high supply of gold in the company itself, Veladero is able to provide it to its various joint partners in exchange for Bitcoin. And this stands out to be one of them main reason as to why the company can successfully provide Bitcoin at cheaper rates to its customers. In the past year, the company was reported to bring in 13million ounces of gold. And that speaks a lot.

Various economists have reported this move to be a very effective one. One of the main reasons that people are currently shifting their focus towards buying Bitcoin from Veladero is that the company has been considered to be totally secure in its transactions of Bitcoins. Additionally, deals fixed by Veladero in the past have always met with positive reviews. This is one of the main reasons that we could considered this gold mining company to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market.