Blackstage announces 2024 professional pole show


Blackstage, the award-winning Black Queer SWer-led company-cum-movement, founded by pro pole artist, instructor, activist, Leila Davis, today announces its annual professional pole show for 2024 set to take place on Saturday 6th April 2024 at the renowned and iconic Clapham Grand in London, England. Following on from 2023’s sold out debut and incredibly emotive success, the 2024 edition will host 13 carefully chosen BPOC pole performers from across the globe, each with their own unique and varied styles, promising another truly unmissable evening.

Tickets are on sale from today for £41.42 and can be bought here: All purchased tickets include access to the PXSSY PALACE after party til late.

Blackstage is a direct response to the lack of diversity in the pole industry, as well as the lack of opportunities for Black people and people of colour (BPOC) who pole dance. There is a lack of representation of BPOC and a hugely negative white, non-sex worker allied, pole narrative which also erases trans, plus sized and non-binary polers. Blackstage wants the pole industry to be decolonised.

With a goal to solidly benefit the BPOC community, this year, the annual ‘Blackstage Presents’ professional pole show theme is Community, highlighting the consistent opportunity for pole dancers of colour that are also LGBTQIA+, Plus sizes, disabled, low income and/or sex workers, who are extremely talented, a chance to apply to perform on ‘THE’ stage with competition-grade poles, expert stage production, in front of a large audience – a rare opportunity for many.

Fighting for ethical wages to combat the exploitation that happens in this industry, the Blackstage Show is a paid opportunity for pole artists whose applications are successful. Each dancer will receive a fee of £1000 for participating, will be able to build their performance portfolio with free use of all of the video and photo assets captured across their Blackstage journey, and overall the experience will provide a wide door of career-enhancing opportunities – scouts are often in attendance.

Unique actions the Blacktage Show practices –

a zero-tolerance policy for racism, transphobia, whorephobia, misogyny, ableism, classism, homophobia, biphobia, fatphobia, ageism, or other discriminatory behaviour
provides travel and accommodation for artists, food by Black businesses, paying a majority Black and POC events staff, hire predominantly Black and Queer film crews, and sponsor gifting everyone where possible – including the pole cleaners
utilising only photographers and videographers who understand how to light and capture dark skin
a continued fight for better pay and more education for pole dance performers
a loud and active strive to dismantle shame within the pole sector
opening doors for BPOC pole dances, which would otherwise be gatekept from success, and ostracised from competitions
a goal of benefitting the creative BPOC community

Blackstage Founder, Leila Davis, says –

“Last year we blew everyone’s minds with our jaw-dropping show ‘Rebellion’ where we platformed pole dancers of colour on this ethereal stage in an act of rebellion. This year the theme of our show is ‘Community’.

We as pole dancers of colour share a racialised identity within a world and art form that pretends we don’t matter or even exist. In this year’s show, we’re bringing together our community to celebrate our roots and our excellence without boundaries or restrictions.
Welcome to the real world of pole and its endless range. Thirteen phenomenal pole dance artists will be inviting the audience into their style of pole artistry where each performance is unique. Prepare to be spellbound, fascinated and enraptured!

Blackstage Pole (est 2020) was founded to shed light on marginalised pole dancers who commonly experience erasure, exclusion and other forms of discrimination within the UK Pole Industry.

Blackstage highlights and solely platforms the creativity of BPOC pole dancers, especially those who are also plus-sized, LGBTQIA+, disabled or sex workers.”

The Blackstage annual professional pole show 2024 will take place on Saturday 6 April 2024 at The Clapham Grand, London UK. Tickets are on sale now for £41.42 and sold here:

All purchased tickets include access to the PXSSY PALACE after party til late.